The Right Alternative

It’s all but a dead letter now, but this little photo montage from Twitter should suffice to demonstrate why the American Alt-White’s Master Plan to embrace a long-defunct German political ideology was, in a word, retarded.

Is it fair? Not particularly. So what? It’s funny and effective. It is excellent rhetoric. It’s the first time the Left has outmemed the Right in ages, and all because some amateurs thought they were playing underwater 5D chess. Sometimes, what looks stupid is just stupid.

And while the media’s power is on the decline, it is still formidable. They should not be feared, but they should not be trusted or dismissed as irrelevant either. Richard Spencer thought he could play the media, but he learned the hard way that they played him instead. If your marketing plan ends up with you being beaten, in public, to the applause of tens of thousands of people, you should probably rethink your strategy and its underlying assumptions.

None of this will have any effect on the rise of the Alt-Right; the media’s attempt to paint us as National Socialists will only build interest in us and sabotage their own credibility because their claims are observably false. Which, of course, is precisely why they are afraid to run my answers to their own questions about the Alt-Right. Indeed, the mere disclosure of an interview I did today would be sufficient to shatter their false Narrative like a nuke in a Waterford Crystal factory.

We don’t need to dance for the media to win. We don’t need to play-act or engage in theatrics. We need to do nothing more than speak the truth without fear. Liberalism has failed. Conservatism has failed. Neoconservatism has failed. Communism has failed. Secular liberal democracy has failed. Multiculturalism has failed. Feminism has failed. Progressivism has failed.

The Alt-Right is the Right Alternative.