3rd Generation Politics

There is clearly a ruthless strategist behind the God-Emperor’s executive blitzkrieg of the last three days, and I strongly suspect it is someone who is familiar with the work of both Col. John Boyd and Mike Cernovich. The unprecedented speed with which the executive orders is not merely intentional, it is strategic.

What I believe we’re seeing is the marriage of two tactics: the Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act (OODA) Loop and Cernovich’s media cycle disruption described in MAGA Mindset, being combined into a strategic approach designed to render the media’s mass firepower irrelevant.

Notice how the media was still trying to figure out how to best go about attacking the rather unspecific undermining of Obamacare when Trump dropped the more highly targeted EPA freeze and pipeline orders on them. They had barely begun to even report on those acts when news of the immigration-related orders was then leaked. The God-Emperor is using executive momentum and his ability to make rapid decisions to disrupt and neutralize the mainstream media’s vast, but cumbersome communications apparatus. Much like the Germans created maneuver warfare to avoid the formidable artillery barrages of the Allies and break through the trenches in WWI, Trump is using high-speed maneuver politics to smash the three-day media cycle, thereby preventing his opponents from targeting any individual action.

I’ll discuss this in more detail in tonight’s Darkstream. But it really is a brilliant strategy, and it bodes extremely well for the more radical and populist aspects of the Trump coalition. If my read on this is correct, his executive orders are going to become increasingly radical, and increasingly specific, as the media, the Democrats, and the conservative-corporate opposition increasingly reel back in disarray.

This is, almost certainly, a new generation of political strategy, and one that appears to have the potential to render the Left’s cultural high ground almost completely impotent.