One last chance

The Swog Blog explains why it will be important to keep the Left out of power:

Donald Trump’s election may have given us a lifeline, but it has also raised the stakes tremendously. There is no turning back now. If the left ever gets back in power, they will be merciless. If power is returned to the bloodthirsty mobs who have explicitly justified open violence against the right, they will be openly violent against the right. And we will never see that power again.

It will be fucking over.

The institutions that the left has seized over the last few generations must be gutted. The media must continue to see their influence and credibility destroyed. The leftist brainwashing machine we refer to as “public education” must be dismantled. Donald Trump cannot allow the left to terrorize the streets and intimidate the right. And we must dominate the elections over the next 8 years.

Social media gives me hope. It’s the x-factor that no previous wave of rising leftist tyranny has had to deal with. The effect of street thuggery may be nullified by the utilization of social media to wake up and inspire masses.

But if we are going to succeed and survive, we need to recognize the magnitude of the battle at hand. This is our last chance. Time to start acting like it.

Correction: this is not our last chance. This is merely our last chance to peacefully defend Western civilization. But regardless of how matters play out, the Alt-Right will be there. And the God-Emperor is already showing us the way.