Alt-Right vs New Right

Ivan Throne, the Dark Triad Man, is hosting a debate between Jack Murphy and me concerning the future of the Alt-Right next Saturday night.

Vox Day is an American publisher, science fiction writer, philosopher, musician and video game designer. He is a former nationally syndicated columnist with Chronicle Features and Universal Press Syndicate. He is known as the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil by his supporters, who describe themselves as Vile Faceless Minions and the Dread Ilk. He is also the lead editor at Castalia House, publisher of my bestseller The Nine Laws. 

Notably for this debate, Vox Day is also the author of the 16 Points of the #AltRight.

Jack Murphy is a senior executive, accomplished athlete and writer. He covers men’s issues, current events, and personal development at Jack Murphy Live. He is also a father of three. Jack’s recent advocacy of the NewRight and its differences from the #AltRright lead to a recent confrontation with Richard Spencer as covered by The Atlantic and Business Insider.

 The topic is the future of the #AltRight.

Vox Day and Jack Murphy will cover a range of topics including white nationalism, identity politics, the tension between the #AltRight and other groups, including what Mike Cernovich calls the New Right.

Both men are intelligent, accomplished, passionate and educated. And with moderation from Dark Triad Man we are sure to have a very powerful Brutal Clips podcast.

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Stay tuned for the debate that will shape the narrative.

The discussion between Vox Day and Jack Murphy will change the way you look at the #AltRight and the future of identity politics in not just the United States, but in the West.

I’ll be genuinely interested in what Jack has to say, because I cannot see what sort of civic nationalist case he’s going to be able to present that I have not only considered, but subscribed to in the past. To me, this is rather like a debate between a tadpole and a frog; it doesn’t really matter what the tadpole thinks, or what sort of future he imagines, because he’s eventually going to become a frog regardless.

These things take time, observation, and experience. Consider what Mike Cernovich, whose inclinations are strongly civic nationalist, and whose in-laws are affected by the travel ban, has to say on the subject. His words might surprise some; they don’t surprise me in the slightest because I know how realistic he is.

If people keep telling whites that they hate them, then they shouldn’t feign outrage when the native population listens, and closes to the doors to the U.S.

The outlook for America’s future is grim. Hatred from the left will only continue, and violence will increase. While the left wears the symbols of the Soviets, they lack their secret police. While the left has the media, the right has the guns. The U.S. is not the U.S.S.R. We will not go silently into the gulags.

People wonder why I’m so militant, and now you see why. We are in a war, and it’s one declared by the left. I am a target for violence in my own country.