Mailvox: Feels good

A reader is enjoying the cultural war:

I had an interesting experience today. A guy I knew in college, a rather left wing jew got all hot and bother over my posting of Pepe the Frog memes. Today he posted on my wall the ADL has condemned Pepe as racist. My response was “Feels good man” and then I posted a link to your 16 points of the Alt-Right.

The guy unfriended me. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. I had previously unfollowed him and about 10 people for their incessant left wing political postings. Despite this, this guy, typical of the left, invades my space to put me on the spot and publicly berate me. When I did not buckle and beg forgiveness that I am not a racist or anti-semite, he exited. Like you said, these people fold if you stand up to them.

I am hearing from others that on Facebook there is all sorts of unfriendings by leftists of anyone they think supported President Donald J. Trump. If things do devolve into some sort of Civil War, it is going to make it easier by having people segregated by ideology (or allegiance).

Some talk that 1860 must have felt like today. I am thinking more Spain around 1934.

Feels good man.

Don’t hesitate to stand up proudly for the God-Emperor. Victory goes to the bold, not the cowardly.