Imagine what our mic is worth

Considering that in the UK alone, they’re willing to spend $75 million in what will be a futile attempt to counter it:

The UK government is to pay an advertising giant, which campaigned against Brexit, £60 million to fight so-called “far right” extremism online, including “going against people who read Breitbart”. Government sources revealed the plans to The Times, explaining how the Home Office aims to counter “far-right and extreme right-wing narratives” by working with Saatchi and Saatchi.

So-called “anti-hate speech experts” said the government department will effectively wage a propaganda war on the “alt-right” across social media, specifically said to include Breitbart readers.

“They are going against people who read Breitbart and stuff like that, the conspiratorial media. They want people to be critical about what they read,” the insider said.

The extent of the planned campaign was disclosed by Whitehall sources in response to documents uncovered by Freedom of Information Act requests, The Times explains.

The Home Office said last night: “This government is determined to challenge extremism in all its forms including the evil of far-right extremism and the terrible damage it can cause to individuals, families and communities.”

They failed to stop Brexit. They will fail to stop the Alt-Right. How can I say that with any degree of confidence?

Because they have to eliminate science, history, and people noticing what is happening in front of their faces in order to stop the Alt-Right. They have to convince everyone that black is white, that war is peace, and that England has always been a nation of immigrants, a proposition, and a melting pot founded on Judeo-Christian values.

They have to lie. We only need people to open their eyes and acknowledge the societal devastation they see happening all around them.

They can stop the signal. But they can’t prevent the very existence of the wavelengths. Which is why once the nationalists are in power, Reconquista 2.0 will sweep the West and free it from the chains of diversity.