Darkstream and GabTV replay

I’ll be doing a Darkstream on Periscope tonight at 7:30 PM. Also, the replay for yesterday’s GabTV is now available and can be watched here. It’s a bit laggy, but that’s a consequence of my Internet connection and I’ll have it fixed by Wednesday next week.

UPDATE: The replay is here.

And as I suggested in the GabTV broadcast, Flynn had to go because he lied. The White House has now confirmed that take.

 President Trump asked Michael Flynn to resign as national security adviser because of eroding trust —not because he violated the law, the White House said Tuesday.

In a briefing dominated by questions about Flynn, press secretary Sean Spicer repeatedly said the former national security adviser had done nothing wrong in talking to counterparts around the world, including from Russia.

He said Trump had fired Flynn not because of those conversations, but because Trump felt that his trust in Flynn had “eroded.”