They ALWAYS get it wrong

See, this is why you should never talk to the media. First, they always get it wrong. Second, if they really want to get a quote from you, they’ll just stalk social media.

The full character of the burgeoning politics of platforms remains to be seen. But right-wing movements have found early traction and see opportunity. Even as farce, Kjellberg’s performance has been illustrative, and a small number of eager observers say they hope that, as backlash mounts, it will be galvanizing. “If Pewdiepie wasn’t #AltRight before,” Vox Day, a former video-game designer and an alt-right leader posted on, a private, Twitterlike service popular with the movement, “he is now.”

I note, with some amusement, that I a) have been promoted to “alt-right leader” and b) just delivered a finished computer game that I designed and executive produced last week. This was the first DevGame course team to go pro, by the way, so congratulations, Team Elveteka.

While we’re on the subject, here is a character image from one of our several computer games currently in development, Divine Right, that the artist just sent me this morning. Yes, wargamers, THAT Divine Right.