Milo press conference

MEDIA ALERT – Milo Yiannopoulos Press Conference In New York City 
Tuesday, February 21 2017 at 3pm

Milo Yiannopoulos will be making his first on-camera comments to press regarding the recent controversy over statements Milo made during Joe Rogan and Drunken Peasants podcasts. Questions will be taken following a statement.

Live stream is here.

Transcript of the full statement.

Mike Cernovich has some relevant advice:

Treat a PR crisis like a life-or-death fight.

Milo had escaped so many attacks. His Facebook response last night was inadequate. He should have been live streaming on all platforms getting his message out.

When #Pussygate happened, Trump listened to me by posting a video rather than doing press conferences. Trump waited too long, actually, and should have got ahead of the narrative.

When a PR crisis hits, treat it like a life-or-death event. Get on every available platform. Call your friends. Get on their podcasts. Do not let a narrative involving something like Nazism or pedophilia take form.

“Remember people on the way up, you’ll see them on the way down.”

Milo has done a great job at staying in touch with his base of supporters. He has a platform larger than most in traditional media. Today is a reminder why you must build your own platforms and own audience. Will Milo have a show on Fox this year? No. Will he still have a larger audience than most people in media? Yes.

Take good care of your friends as your platform grows.

As some people rise into the mainstream, they promote their friends and those who helped build them up less and less. This is a mistake, as when you hit a ceiling (see above), those are the people who are going to find energy to support you. If you don’t actively work to take care of them, they won’t find the energy needed to engage in a full-throttled defense of you.

Most people won’t have your back.

During a time of crisis, you’re mostly going to be on your own. Get used to it, don’t be bitter when people don’t defend you. Even if you’ve had the backs of others, expect them to be “too busy” in your time of need.