Various and sundry

  1. We have need of a research intern for a one-time job tracking down authors. If you’re seriously interested, email with RESEARCH in the subject. DONE
  2. We want to hire someone who is very knowledgeable about a) computer and video games, and b) role-playing games to write questions for our trivia games. We want about 1,000 of the former and 2,500 of the latter. If you’re seriously interested in one or the other, email with Q:VG or Q:RPG in the subject. We already have a lot of (a) thanks to the volunteers, but I just don’t have the time to finish off the list. For more information, reference this post. A word of warning: it’s more work that it looks like, so if you’re not borderline OCD, it’s probably not for you.
  3. A slightly longer excerpt from THE CORRODING EMPIRE, now on preorder at Amazon, has been posted at Castalia House.

The first number produced by the extrapolated algorithm was off by one-ten billionth. There were nine zeros behind the decimal point. It was a tiny error, all but impossible to detect unless one was looking specifically for it.

The second number was off by twice that. Two in ten billion. Or, rather, one in five billion. One might more reasonably fear being struck by lightning. On a cloudless day. Indoors.

And yet, it didn’t matter. It wasn’t the size of the error that mattered so much as the fact that it existed at all. Somehow, Geist concluded, even though it was impossible, the data set must have become garbled. Garbage in, garbage out. He had run the extrap-algo more than a million times in the past month, using it to check and and re-check Orland’s agro-surveys. But there was no denying it. Somewhere, somehow, something had introduced an unknown variability into the process, but whether it was to be found in the data or the equations, he did not know.

He spoke in the direction of the softly glowing pseudo-door.

“Dr. Orland,” he said, “Got a minute?”

The door evaporated, revealing an attractive young woman in custom blue-green shimmering Chrysoletts, sitting with her feet up on her multi-tiered desk. She was reading something which, judged by the guilty expression that flashed across her face, had nothing to do with biogenics.

On a related note, this Amazon search may amuse you. And on a completely different note: