Fascinating. We just received an email from Amazon informing us that the title, cover, and author of THE CORRODING EMPIRE were “misleading”. This is rather amusing, of course, considering that Tor Books and John Scalzi have devoted an entire career to ripping off everyone from Heinlein to Star Trek.

In any event, we will have CORROSION by Harry Seldon, complete with a new cover, back up soon. It’s not like we aren’t in the habit of anticipating enemy action, after all.

Sadly for Tor Books, there will be no similarly easy fix for the disaster that is THE COLLAPSING EMPIRE.

The funny thing is that McRapey is dumb enough to actually brag about it. He has NO idea how this makes him look to normal readers. Note that this is actually the second time he’s gone running to Amazon to ban a book.

John Scalzi‏ @scalzi
Also, a few minutes ago got confirmation of a very cool thing involving Empire that I can’t yet tell you about, he said, entirely unsubtly.

Yeah, so, about that…. this is now publishing.

Amusement intensifies.

Nick Siekierski‏ @ResearchTeacher
@scalzi Reading The Corroding Empire now, love it!

John Scalzi @scalzi
@ResearchTeacher Tell that to the actual author. I’m sure they would appreciate the feedback.

I have to admit, I prefer the replacement title and cover myself. Tor really just blows from A to Z. It’s really rather remarkable how they’ve gone from Ender’s Game to this.