Crazy SJW lies and libels

Robert L Hood, aka Rev. Bob of File 770 is now publicly libeling me on Amazon under his fake Customer Review.

“Theodore Beale, aka Vox Day, has placed himself on the record as approving of people calling one-star reviewers and falsely representing themselves as Castalia House employees under the guise of “customer service.””

This is not true and Robert L Hood, aka Rev. Bob knows it. I will certainly admit to being amused by a fake Customer expressing fake Customer dissatisfaction in a fake Customer Review being contacted by a fake Customer Service representative. It tends to strike me as fitting. But I do not approve of anyone falsely representing themselves as Castalia House employees for any purpose, I have never authorized anyone to do so, nor have I ever issued retroactive authorization to anyone who did so.

As for people calling fake reviewers, my position on fake reviews has been clear since I was a professional nationally syndicated reviewer for Chronicle Features in the early 1990s: I approve of presidential drone strikes on fake reviewers.

Now, what could explain Mr. Hood’s false and inappropriate accusations? Oh, right, he’s crazy, even by SJW standards:

As someone who’s been on brain meds for over two decades, can I speak up to say how offensive I find it when people equate “crazy, insane, psycho” with all mental illnesses?

Being depressed doesn’t make you insane.
Having a bad memory doesn’t make you crazy.
Feeling suicidal doesn’t make you a psycho.

We have contacted Amazon Customer Support and asked them to review all reviews by unverified purchasers, including Mr. Hood’s. They have confirmed that they will do so, and I expect their eventual response will be illuminating concerning what is, and what is not, considered to be in violation of their Community Guidelines.