SJW car crash

No, I mean that literally, not figuratively.

Nick Percat’s Brad Jones Racing Holden will sport a rainbow paint scheme at Albert Park, carrying the message of equality. The car features primary branding from Holden and follows the company’s sponsorship of the recent Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras …

“The unmissable rainbow colours on the #8 Holden Commodore is all about supporting equality of people, no matter their race, gender or sexual preference,” read a BJR statement.

“It is not a stance on any issue in particular, but of equality in all its forms, diversity and equal opportunity for all.”

Yeah, so about that.

Marring the race won by Shell Ford flyer Scott McLaughlin, Percat was left reeling when he crashed his Holden into the back of Lee Holdsworth following a brake failure. The Brad Jones Racing driver emerged from his car hunching before being forced to sit down on the side of the famous Melbourne street track. Percat crashed with just two laps to go in the race when his brakes failed while travelling at 250kph.

And to think some people don’t believe there is a God.