Fool me once

Apparently Wired thinks I can’t remember two whole years ago.

I’m a writer at WIRED magazine. I saw the Hugo noms this morning, and I have to ask about Stix Hiscock. What can you tell me about him? How did you discover him, and why was he a Rabid Puppies candidate this year?

My response:

That’s hilarious. I made the mistake of talking to you jokers once before. No thanks. You’ll have to sustain your Narrative without my help. 

The amusing thing is that I even received two emails from Wired editors trying, and failing, to defend their writer’s little off-topic hit piece after I wrote about it here. They know they’re full of shit, they just want to hide that uncomfortable little fact from their readership.

As Andrew Torba says, I don’t talk to Fake News.