Instapundit goes Alt-Right

All logical roads lead to the Alt-Right, so it is only a matter of time. Today Instapundit drew our attention to one of his more perspicacious post-election observations.

What if minority voters just won’t turn out for non-minority candidates any more? That’s a real problem for the Democrats, especially if all the racial politics they pursue in order to try to motivate minority voters (Black Lives Matter, immigration protests, etc.) actually serve to make minorities less likely to vote for whites, even if they’re Democrats. And if working-class whites start to vote Republican the way minorities have voted Democratic — and all that racial politics is likely to encourage that — the Dems are in trouble.

It’s not a what-if. They increasingly won’t, because identity politics. We know this. Somalis in Minnesota don’t vote for Jewish Democrats, they vote for Somalis. Indians in Toronto don’t vote for whatever the Canadian parties happen to be, they vote for Indians. Muslims in London don’t vote for British Labour candidates, they vote for Muslims.

This isn’t that hard. And it’s not as if Americans didn’t know this. Blacks only ever voted for Blacks too, it’s just that the geniuses who observe American politics somehow managed to erroneously conclude that this was unique to African-Americans because legacy of slavery or something equally stupid.