Alt-Right or else

Americans will all be Alt-Right soon, and immigrants like this are why. They have to go back. But I think you can be forgiven if you find yourself hoping that obnoxious little diversity assholes like this won’t.

This is a key reason why I find myself more and more opposed to legal immigration altogether each year.

His dad worked at Citi and has his own hedgefund… Great, model immigrant, right? His son is still stealing slots from our “top” schools and Affirmative Action rights from blacks, all the while bashing the United States, our history, and our culture.

The boy has no original thoughts, has done nothing but pad his resume, but is still showered with praise and support from Hillary, Obama, and the other loser. Oh, dear, and he’s still oppressed!

It’s also sickening how our culture actively pushes ethnic minorities to despise the US. It’s just madness. Many immigrants come relieved and grateful to be in America, but then their children find new ways to feel oppressed, largely because they’re urged to in school.

In summary, I don’t see the benefit in accepting immigrants if their children will take our spots and hate us while doing it. If you’re able to work on STEM projects, maybe, but if you’re just here to enrich yourself in fields like finance or law, then stay home and fix your own country.

The pre-1965 demographics are the absolute minimum required. If you, or your parents, or your grandparents, arrived in the USA after 1965, you have to go back. No one gives a damn if you were born American in Mumbai. Or Topeka.

You’re not American. The United States of America is not your country and you damn well know it. Now, go home before the golden goose finally expires and you end up as just another skull stacked in a pyramid along the border.

No hard feelings, you understand. It’s nothing personal. But just like too much water kills an individual, too much immigration kills a society. And the longer a society refrains from addressing the problem, the more extreme the solution will inevitably be.