An epic trolling

I hate Drew Pearson, of course, because he was a) out-of-bounds on 4th-and-17, and b) unquestionably pushed off, committed offensive pass interference, and murdered both Fran Tarkenton’s father as well as the Vikings’ Super Bowl chances in 1975, but his performance at the NFL draft in Philadelphia was downright epic:

How about them Cowboys?! I want to thank the Eagle fans for allowing me to have a career in the NFL. Thank you. I am honored as an undrafted free agent to be selected to make the Cowboys’ second-round draft pick, and on behalf of the five-time world champion Dallas Cowboys, Hall of Fame owner Jerry Jones! … Gene Jones and the Jones family, coach Jason Garrett and ALL THE COWBOYS PLAYERS WHO PLAYED BEFORE ME! … And played with me and played after me! … With the 60th pick in the second round the Dallas Cowboys select defensive back from Colorado Chidobe Awuzie!!!

No question about where his loyalties remain, anyhow.