Why I was blocked from Twitter

I was never suspended, but my account was blocked. Once I unblocked it, I found that they also required me to delete these two tweets:

  • Antisemitism is a natural reaction to being told one is a subhuman beast destined to be one of a Jew’s 2,800 slaves.
  • “Amy Schumer says women MUST identify as feminists – or are ‘insane'”. (((Amy Schumer))) is a fat, ugly, no-talent. Stay “insane”, girls.
I didn’t have a problem with deleting them; their site, their rules. I do find it interesting, however, to see what they do, and do not, believe merits locking an account.
Anyhow, I finally took the time to unlock my account – thanks to Spacebunny – because otherwise my Darkstreams aren’t announced on Twitter.