SJWs will SJW

The latest 5-star review of SJWs Always Lie:

My friend told me he ‘didn’t mind me’ reading this ‘as long as I didn’t pay for it’ (his words)

First off, I’d like to dedicate this review to an acquaintance named Ryan, who demonstrated a neighborly concern for my finances when he discovered I was reading this book.

“I truly hope you didn’t give that man money,” he said.

My response: “I have never been shy about my willingness to read anything by anyone, no matter the stigma attached to the author or subject.”

“I don’t mind you reading it. I just hope you didn’t pay for it.”

‘I don’t mind you reading it.’ That was big of him to permit my appraisal of this ‘problematic’ tome, wasn’t it? Typical SJW response. He said nothing of value in outlining his hatred for Vox Day, rather he responded with such vitriol in the hopes of currying favor with the countercultural overlords who supply his alcohol at a convention every November.

As such, I’m not too concerned with how peers might judge me for this review, because I’ve actually read the book while they treat it with the same icy contempt as a fundamental Christian would an Iron Maiden record in the 80’s. My first loyalty is with books, not literary cliques. Books by authors of every color, gender, inclination, religious or political persuasion, historical paradigm or fictional conceit. In short, the very same diversity they claim to embody.

I can’t find it within me to stigmatize a book that draws from resources as rich as Aristotle’s Rhetoric and lectures proffered by military strategists. Real men born for the battlefield.

This book also provides great examples of how detrimental the enforcement of diversity can be to not just a workplace, but a nation. Not because diversity is a bad idea in and of itself, but because it is unenforceable.

Aristotle once said “Before some audiences, not even the possession of the exactest knowledge will make it easy for what we say to produce conviction. For argument based on knowledge implies instruction, and there are people whom one cannot instruct.”

When you throw the words ‘misogynist’, ‘racist’ and ‘homophobe’ around every single day over anything from a statement taken out of context to a critic panning a movie or a work of fiction not having enough diversity, these words lose their meaning. You cry wolf enough times, guess what? People stop taking you seriously. It’s both sad and farcical that these significant words have entered the every day vernacular. You’re not responding to modern day events. You’re responding to history, and history doesn’t answer to you no matter how much you grit your teeth or stomp your feet.

I especially appreciated the satirical scenario Vox wrote in the middle of the book in which the SJW and the anti-SJW engage in a duel of honor, moderated by a fence sitter who kept giving the SJW extra shots because he couldn’t control the gun. Hilarious.

With all of this being said, I don’t share all of Vox’s convictions and don’t follow how he arrives at some of these conclusions, but even if I listed them, his detractors would only focus on the positives referenced above.

What I find noteworthy about this is the reliable SJW focus on attempting to deny resources to non-SJWs.  The ebook sells for $5.99. A reasonable share of that massive amount comes to me. Yet the SJW will actively seek to deny even the most trivial sum, literally a dollar or two, to anyone who questions the Narrative. And you think they won’t gun for your job if you neglect to abase yourself and mouth the current dogma on demand?

Is it any wonder that, once they harbor sufficient power, they inevitably start killing people? For all that they constantly scream about fairness and justice, they grant no mercy and they give no quarter.

And, of course, as the book observes, they always lie. The reviewer’s acquaintance most certainly did mind him reading it, but he wanted to strike a reasonable posture so as not to alienate the moderate. But we know perfectly well that SJWs very much mind people reading SJWAL, which is why they post fake reviews about it attempting to dissuade people from doing so.

We are in a cultural war. Do not grant them any ground, because if you give them an inch they will immediately try to take a mile. Do not grant them any consideration or mercy, because absolutely none will be given to you. There is no benefit, however petty, that they will not seek to deny you.