He’s not wrong

Vladimir Putin blames the USA for the mass cyberattack utilizing NSA software:

Vladimir Putin has blamed the US for the global cyber attack that has crippled computer systems around the world since Friday. The cyber attack, which wreaked havoc at dozens of NHS trusts on Friday, has continued to spread, hitting thousands of computers in China and Japan.

Putin said Russia had “nothing to do” with the attack and blamed the US for creating the hacking software that affects Microsoft computers.

“Malware created by intelligence agencies can backfire on its creators,” said Putin, speaking to media in Beijing. He added that global leaders needed to discuss cyber security at a “serious political level” and said the US has backed away from signing a cyber security agreement with Russia.

It is the USA’s fault. There simply isn’t any way around it. Heads at the NSA should be rolling right now and the God-Emperor should demand the resignations of everyone who had anything to do with the relevant program. This is evidence of a costly and extreme dereliction of duty at the agency, all so they could better commit unconstitutional and illegal acts at the expense of the American people.