Curiouser and curiouser

So now /pol has learned that Seth Rich was alive when the police found him and three of them were wearing body cams.

#SethRich was alive/awake when cops found him, died at hospital. Cops wore body cameras. What did he say to cops/what did body cams capture?

Meanwhile, an increasingly desperate Fake News media is trying to transform a perfectly legal disclosure of information on the President’s part into something worthy of impeachment.

President Donald Trump didn’t appear to break any law by sharing highly classified information with Russia, but that doesn’t make it any less problematic for America’s intelligence agencies and their overseas partners.

Even as Trump’s national security adviser insisted the Oval Office disclosure to visiting Russian diplomats was “wholly appropriate” and routine, few people outside of the White House saw it that way. Especially troubling was that a foreign country provided the intelligence confidentially to the U.S….

The system for how U.S. secrets are classified and the rules for how they’re handled derive from an executive order. That means secrets are governed by the president and not by laws passed by Congress. The president’s authority to make the classification rules comes from his constitutional powers as the commander in chief and head of the executive branch.

Typically, that has been interpreted to mean that the president has the ultimate authority to classify and to declassify information. Put another way, classified information becomes unclassified by default the moment the president chooses to disclose it.

Translation: the God-Emperor literally cannot break the law in this regard, because his actions DEFINE the relevant law.