New heights of cuckery

I have no doubt that someone will manage it eventually, but it’s going to be hard to top this virtue-signaling lunacy. And Sweet Saint Darwin, but is physignomy real or what? You could not design a more flawless case of cuck-face if you held a competition of award-winning portrait artists.

Even though the year is 2017, racism and prejudice continue to pollute our world. Many people retain narrow-minded and over-simplistic views on what a family should “look like”.

Aaron and Rachel Halbert have experienced such prejudices up close – despite that they deserve loads of love and respect for several courageous decisions they took.

The Halberts first adopted two children – and then chose to take things a step further – after learning about embryo adoption.

The parents were determined to offer a home to more children who would otherwise not have a family – and decided not to forget those frozen embryos who seem to be forgotten.

Love and respect? They don’t deserve love and respect for hating their own people and helping to destroy their community, their society, and their nation. There is a reason that people instinctively feel contempt and disgust for their literally anti-social actions; condemn it if you like, but it exists for a very good reason. And it’s not a coincidence that the husband has cuckface and the woman has seriously crazy eyes. Their decisions weren’t courageous, they were crazy.

These are without doubt the Crazy Years. They will be followed by the Rivers of Blood Years. There is nothing new under the sun, and humanity violates history’s time-hallowed patterns at its peril.