We, the Dread, Academic Edition

Ultimately, Gamergate demonstrated the refinement of a variety of techniques of gamified public harassment—including doxing (publishing personal information online), revenge porn (spreading intimate photos beyond their intended recipi-ents), social shaming, and intimidation. It also provides insight into gender as a key rallying point for a range of online subcultures. Moreover, it set the conditions for the rise of the alt-right. Several of the most active promoters of Gamergate are now core alt-right figures, including Milo Yiannopolous, Vox Day (Theodore Beale), Matt Forney (of Men’s Rights blog Return of Kings), and Andrew “weev” Auern-heimer. Gamergate’s success at mobilizing gamers to push an ideological agenda indicates the fruitfulness of radicalizing interest-based communities.
– Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online (PDF)

I think the Far Cry 5 version is probably more accurate and relevant.