Mailvox: awareness in Germany

A reader writes of his recent observations:

I live in the most left (and green) town I know and can conceive of in Germany. In this town there’s a district that’s known nationwide for how “green” it is. Everyone votes green or far left. That’s where I and my family have been living since the nineties.

My parents were practically communists just 5 years ago and when you talk to them about taxes or guns you might still get the impression that they are. For about 2 years they’ve been hitting a very different note when it comes to foreigners, though. Cologne might have had a big part in waking them up.

After that, my sister had a job application rejected because she isn’t like the rest of the staff, Turkish. They all got upset about that for half a week and I had to listen to my sister beginning her sentences with “I mean… You know I’m not a racist, but…” for that time.

Now a very close family friend (even more crazy, total hippie, believes in auras etc) has legal trouble with her Lebanese ex-boyfriend and they all talked about it at the dinner table when she was visiting for a night. All three of them are horrified the judge might rule against her because he’s a foreigner.

He kicked her out of her own house.

She went to the police, they asked him about it, he told them it’s his house, they left without asking for proof.

Among my friends, I’d wager 90% now spew out sentences that would have triggered themselves into fits of “RACIS RACIS RAAAAAACIS!” just 5 years ago and the other 10% are crazy SJW’s who no longer talk to me because of my Twitter account.

That’s a quotient, in a city of SJW’s to begin with, that I am very hopeful about.

The Alt-Right is inevitable because it is the only political philosophy based in reality. This is simply one more example of the process in action.