The God-Emperor wins again

Funny, is it not, that Donald Trump keeps winning these “national referendums” on his presidency, even when the media’s polls predict otherwise.

Republican Karen Handel won the special congressional election in Georgia on Tuesday, fending off a challenge from Democrat Jon Ossoff in the heavily Republican House district.

Handel’s victory in the closely fought contest, which drew national interest and was the most expensive House race ever at over $50 million spent by both sides, comes as good news for President Donald Trump. Democrats had promoted the contest as a referendum on the president.

With 99 percent of the vote counted, Handel leads Ossoff 53 percent to 47 percent in a race that many expected to be much closer. Handel had 127,021 votes to the Democrat’s 114,390 ballots.

The thing is, even if Ossoff had won, that would have changed precisely nothing, except the media would be crowing rather than falling into a surly silence. Except that we would not have further proof that the media’s polls are reliably unreliable and we’re back to the old days of needing to reweight their reports four or five points in the Republican’s direction to predict the result.

Tired? Or still not tired?