The cost of virtue signaling

Some people were feeling sorry for a musician who had a $6k guitar destroyed. Then they found out what happened:

For those of you who do not know we took in 4 Dominican Republic students for the summer. We went through the Houston Embassy and United Travel out of San Marcos Texas. That is who we believe did all this damage to our personal property. With that being said here are the accounts of what happened the last few days……..We called the police after finding quite a bit vandalism damage to the interior of our house. In our front foyer we noticed all of our eyes blackened out in our family picture wall to include our 4 children by a permanent marker symbolizing a voodoo curse put upon our home and children.

Next was a precious moments preacher collectable taken from the back of the curio cabinet collection of about 150 figurines with its head ripped off and purposely set in plain sight on the kitchen table for all to see. Only one was pulled out and had its head ripped out..”The Preacher”. The only religious figurine in the bunch.

Next was our cabinet door in the kitchen ripped out from the wall. Digging further the washer was marked up with permanent marker. We then noticed permanent marker scribbled on the outside of my acoustic guitar. We then opened the case and found my most precious thing that i own. My limited edition signature cut- away Doyle Dykes Taylor was smashed and put back in its place very meticulously. At the time of the police interview in our house. The police stated he felt all of the boys were being deceitful. Their stories were not matching up.

In conclusion prior discussions with the boys on there rent being too high for them and all of there other friends are paying $325 a month. They wanted their rent reduced to what their friends were paying. I did not move on the rent discussion but i did reduce to paying for their laundry down to zero. Again they stated all of there friends are getting laundry included in there rent of $325.

As far as we are concerned they can leave or transfer to another location at their own expense. No money will be returned to any of them. One of them or all of them vandalized my house. They all deny it!!…i blame them all and no one gets any money back or any of their deposit. We prefer they get out asap at their own expense. If they do not leave i will file in court on Monday an “Emergency Exparte” to have them physically taken out of our home by police force siting we are in fear for our safety and our children’s safety.

Reality will always eventually intrude, no matter how firmly you are determined to believe in unicorns. Or equality.