Infogalactic in L’Express

A French take on Infogalactic. The original article in French is here.

Presented as “trustworthy” and “unbiased”, these encyclopedias are the privileged terrain of racism, homophobia and anti-Semitism. Because they considered Wikipedia to be unreliable and contaminated by the “social justice warrior”, several extreme right-wing figures have invented their own online encyclopedias. Their names: Metapedia , Infogalactic, or Conservapedia .

These sites now have several hundred thousand contents. A success such as the first of them now exists in no less than sixteen languages. The second, currently only available in English, will also be launched in France by the end of the summer …

Supremacy, anti-semitism and complicism

At first glance, these three encyclopedias resemble Wikipedia . The design, like the participative concept, have indeed been borrowed from him. On the other hand, the difference is quite clear. Founded by extreme right – wing American and Swedish figures, the sites do not hide their political

On the home pages of Metapedia and Conservapedia, there are two columns relaying theses and theories negationist, supremacist, antisemitic, racist, islamophobic, antifeminist, complotist, or homophobic. Infogalactic is more subtle. Its founder, who calls himself Vox Day, is the first to denounce the “extreme right bias” (movement to which it belongs elsewhere). “We are trying to make available to the Net surfers a neutral platform, which allows them to form their own opinion”.

Even if you look at it, the news from the main page is always cleverly chosen. Those celebrating the success of President Donald Trump , for example, are regularly highlighted. As for the thematic pages, some, rather well documented, are next to others containing objective nonsense.

For Infogalactic, the Pizzagate was real

An example is evocative. The site Infogalactic has a page dedicated to “fake news” . Among these misinformation is the ” Pizzagate”, a conspiracy theory according to which the former director of campaign of Hillary Clinton would have organized a pedophile network from a pizzeria.

On the page “fake news”, is quoted the Pizzagate. On the page “fake news”, is quoted the Pizzagate. Problem: the site also contains an entire page on this same event . And there, more question of “fake news”: the Pizzagate has for the authors well existed. Pseudo-evidence, such as the number of missing children in the pizzeria region, is even advanced. Asked about this by L’Express, Vox Day explains that according to him, the media “were lying” about this scandal. He accuses them of having conducted “no search, no reportage” before reversing the facts. Notwithstanding the New York Times and other newspapers that conducted the investigation.

For now, these platforms remain less popular than Wikipedia. While the latter is the fifth most visited site in the world, Infogalactic is only 14,710th, and Conservapedia 18,066th in the United States, according to the Alexa ranking. But their traffic would not stop growing, boosted by “anti-Wikipedia revolt.”

It’s a bit of a hit piece, of course, but it was well worth providing the reporter with a few quotes, as the article generally backs up our criticisms of Wikipedia. International awareness continues to grow. Traffic continues to grow. And we’ll have an exciting new feature to announce soon. And for the record, here is what I actually had to say about Pizzagate.

All I know about Pizzagate is that the mainstream media is obviously lying about it. If you look into the timeline of the media’s coverage, you will see that they started claiming Pizzagate was fake news from the very start, just as soon as the news first broke. They never looked into it, they never reported on any of the evidence gathered by the chans, they just unilaterally declared it to be fake news without any research or reporting.

No one in the mainstream media bothered looking into why a little pizza shop owner was listed as one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington DC. If nothing else, you’d think they would have asked at least one or two questions about that anomaly. And they haven’t addressed the fact that the DC police say no shots were fired by the actor arrested at Comet Ping Pong while the Washington Post reported that at least one shot was fired.

Then note that CNN just fired three respected and award-winning employees for getting caught putting out fake news.

Anyhow, since Pizzagate is an INVESTIGATION, not a conclusion, it’s not even correct to say it is a single “story” at all. There are multiple aspects to Pizzagate, so some of them may be true while others are false. I haven’t spent any time looking into it myself, so I don’t have any opinions in that regard, but I will say that I find the mainstream media’s behavior to be suspicious.