Media Con #2 in action

You may recall that I mentioned the three cons that reporters run on people they want to submit to playing punching bag for an article. Bre Faucheux turned down Rachel Poser of Harper’s Magazine three times, prompting this threatening variant on Media Con #2.

Your name appears in the piece and it is my responsibility to make sure you and your views are represented accurately.

To help put this in context, consider this little glimpse behind the media curtain.

When I told my editor at Literally, Darling I wanted to write a story about conversations I’d been having with a white nationalist, she told me she thought it would be a good idea, but wanted to be careful that we didn’t “normalize” him. I understood this to mean she wanted to make it clear nobody at Literally, Darling supported or condoned Mr. Patriarch’s views (we don’t).

Neither the reporter, the editor, nor the fact-checker is even remotely interested in ensuring that the target or his views are represented accurately. To the contrary, they are very careful to make sure that neither the target nor his views are portrayed as positive in any way. So, what they do write the story in accordance with the negative narrative, then cherry-pick a kill-quote or two, then attempt to get the target to confirm the accuracy of the kill-quote.

What they are attempting to do is to bolster the narrative with the assistance of the bamboozled target. Bre was wise to turn continue to turn them down, because there is absolutely no benefit to her from bolstering the Harper’s narrative about the women of the Alt-Right.