Milo sues Simon & Schuster

This should prove interesting, one way or another:

Milo Yiannopoulos, the former Breitbart tech editor and self-styled conservative provocateur whose public battle with Simon & Schuster following the publisher’s decision to cancel his book deal and its reported $250,000 advance, has kept his promise to self-publish his book, Dangerous, in spite of the setback—and to continue to cause problems for S&S. Following the book’s release on July 4, Yiannopoulos held a rally and protest outside the S&S offices on July 7, where, he told PW Thursday evening , he was to announce a $10 million lawsuit against the publisher for “breach of contract.”

Dangerous was the #1 bestseller and #1 new release on Amazon immediately following its July 4 publication; Yiannopoulos’s outside PR firm, AMW Public Relations, told PW that “100,000 copies were delivered to Amazon and sold out in the first day of release,” although “a large number of them were on pre-order.” Matt Sheldon, director of business development at the firm, said that hard copies are being distributed through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, adding that “100,000 more copies are being printed now and will be distributed to Amazon [and] B&N as well as some other outlets.”

My expectation is that despite its posturing about prevailing “in court” – they are sending a message that they will not settle – S&S will settle for paying off Milo. Why? Because they absolutely do NOT want this to go to discovery. Remember, I am a former Pocket Books author with connections inside S&S, and I have heard that there were conversations between S&S and Amazon concerning Milo and his book that neither company will want to be made public via discovery.