Why Trump is unhappy with Sessions

Andrew Napolitano explains that the former Senator is essentially too much of a pussy senatorially collegial to take on the swamp:

During the past two weeks, President Donald Trump has made no secret of his unhappiness at the management of the Department of Justice under Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Actually, Trump seems most agitated at the growing parts of the DOJ that are not under Sessions’ management.

He is also angry that the trail of the well-known evidence of the crimes of his former opponent Hillary Clinton seems to have been vacated by the DOJ.

How is it that parts of the DOJ cannot be controlled by the attorney general, whom Trump appointed to run the DOJ? And with a mountain of evidence of Clinton’s espionage — her failure to safeguard state secrets, crimes far more treacherous than those alleged against Trump’s campaign — why has she not been prosecuted?

It doesn’t help that Sessions is also wandering around looking like a senile old dinosaur babbling about the drug war when literally no one gives a damn about outlawing drugs anymore, in part because pot is increasingly legal and half the millennials have been on speed or psychotropics all their lives.