Vox Day on vid.me

I’ve created a new channel for my videos on Vid.Me. I’m not certain that we’ll be using it for the forthcoming Voxiversity yet, but if nothing else it is a good place for selected Darkstreams. I’m not sure why the Darkstreams uploaded to YouTube by Judeo Christ appear to be of lower video quality than those uploaded by Open Mind, but hopefully we will sort that out.

Anyhow, I need 36 more followers before I can get verified, so if you’re signed up there and you don’t mind, please follow. I spoke with one of the Vid.Me guys on Twitter today; unlike YouTube, they have a way of limiting content to paid subscribers, the problem is that they don’t yet have a way of allowing the creator to provide paid subscriber access to unpaid subscribers who are supporting the creator through another method like Kickstarter or Patreon.

They also appear to be less converged than YouTube, which is a pretty low bar, of course, but is one reason to utilize them in preference to the current industry standard.

Now, obviously, there will be plenty of free general content for everyone, which will go on the YouTube Voxiversity channel as well as my Vid.Me channel. But if anyone has any ideas on the ideal way to distribute premium video content that is limited to patrons, please feel free to share them.