All the heads of the medusa

First, I’m not applauding the official Google response. Their position is intrinsically and observably absurd; the fact that they are managing to refrain from digging themselves in deeper by going on a witch hunt and burning one of their employees at the stake is merely an indication that someone in the Google executive team possesses at least a minimal amount of common sense. If you want to provide a platform for everyone, then you obviously have to give up any ambitions of playing thought police.

Second, we can see that Google’s SJWs are starting to get nervous as evidence of their internal thought-policing begins to leak out into the public. And never forget, they genuinely believe that they are better-educated, as well as our moral and intellectual superiors, because Google only hires the smartest, best-educated people, right? You would almost feel sorry for the executives who have to deal with this nonsense, until you stop and think, what else could have possibly resulted from their decision to hire SJWs and prioritize diversity?

However, the way in which the SJWs immediately go to no-platforming as an ideal response underlines my oft-repeated point about the importance of building and supporting our own platforms.