Red Ice hacked

This is not surprising. Castalia House has been under continuous assault since the day we came out in support of GamerGate almost two years ago:

Henrik Palmgren  ?‏ @Henrik_Palmgren   #TANGODOWN #HACKED @YourAnonNews @IGD_News Fuck all you nazi scum!!!!!

Henrik Palmgren  ?‏ @Henrik_Palmgren
Replying to @Henrik_Palmgren @YourAnonNews @IGD_News
Red Ice TV is #TangoDown All servers/backups wiped. 23,000 member database stolen. MAJOR DOX INCOMING!!! @NYCAntifa @YourAnonNews @IGD_News

If you’re Alt-Right, or even Alt-Lite, better get in the habit of practicing proper operational security. 16-digit randomized passwords on everything, different passwords for everything, and so forth. I doubt this is an accident given that it is just one day after Lana Loktoff was featured in a Harper’s piece on the women of the Alt-Right.

It looks like both their Twitter account and their main site was hacked, which suggests the same password was used for both.