7 reasons for Zuckenberg 2020

We can only hope the Democrats are dumb enough to nominate the would-be Augustus 2.0:

Here are seven reasons why Democrats should clear the decks for Mark Zuckerberg as their 2020 nominee:

1) He’ll be able to play the political outsider card harder and heavier than Trump.

2) Zuckerberg doesn’t need a dime of anyone else’s money.

3) Zuckerberg is the most effective tech CEO in America.

4) He understands the media ecosystem. Hell, at this point, he basically owns the media ecosystem.

5) Zuckerberg’s a family man—with a family that is the Modern Family to his opponent’s Real Housewives.

6) He will reject all the tropes, traps, and talking points that have led Democrats into trouble. (In other words, adios Nancy Pelosi!)

7) Kamala who?

Can you even imagine how the Democrats of 1960 would react to the idea that only 60 years later, their standard-bearer would be a godless, race-mixing Jew who is one of the wealthiest monopolists in the world?

For all the Alternate History novels about the Nazis that have been written, no one has yet landed on the most obvious one. Hitler builds a time machine, travels to 2017, buys a video camera, films a few hours, then returns and broadcasts it to the people of England, France, and the USA.

The Allied governments would have been overthrown and replaced with pro-German governments in an afternoon.