Reconquista in Myanmar

It’s rather remarkable how, with Muslims running murderously amok all across the West, the Western media still finds the time to cry about how a nation is fighting back against Islamic terrorism in its midst:

Thousands of stateless Muslims have fled ‘genocide’, telling refugee camp workers their people are being hacked to death. The UN estimates almost 50,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar for Kutupalong Refugee Camp in Bangladesh, claiming they were forced out by a genocidal army.

About 20,000 remain stuck in no-man’s land between Bangladesh and Myanmar, whose government has denied attacking the minority and instead blamed ‘terrorists’ for initiating violence. Myanmar’s military says almost 400 Rohingya have died since then in a Facebook post by the country’s top commander.

Nobin Suna told said the military order the community to stay in their homes. ‘If we stay inside then they set our houses on fire, shooting at us or slaughtering us. Muslims have no rights.’

The minority Muslim group are denied citizenship despite having lived in Myanmar for generations. The military’s statement said all but 29 of the 399 killed were ‘insurgents’ and reported 90 armed clashes. The army launched clearance operations after 30 attacks by insurgents on Friday, with Advocates for Rohingya reporting security forces and vigilantes burned villages and shot civilians, killing hundreds. 

Thanks to the multiculturalists, the West now faces a choice between this and the sort of violent civil war that is tearing apart Nigeria and the Sudan. Myanmar will complete its reconquista soon, and then everyone will marvel at how peaceful it is, just as Spain became considerably more peaceful once Ferdinand and Isabella took back Granada.