Taking down the Fake Right

On Wednesday, September 6th at 7 PM Eastern, I’m going to be debating Andrew Anglin, the Fake Right phony behind the Daily Stormer, on whether National Socialism is of the ideological Right or Left.

One of the various Anglins had been repeatedly crying about being shut out of the chat when I debated Greg Johnson on the same subject, so, being the kindest of Dark Lords, I graciously decided to give Mr. Anglin the opportunity to do the same. He accepted, despite many of his fans claiming that he was too busy, or too important, to do so.

Tara McCarthy will host and a similar format will be utilized. Since I have already made a public case with which at least one Anglin is familiar, he will have the opportunity to go first.

These Fake Right individuals are nothing more than attention-seekers trying to utilize the Jon Stewart strategy of hiding behind their clownishness whenever they are called out. They erroneously believe their popularity will protect them, and fail to recognize that their much-cherished “brands” are of no interest or importance to those who are only interested in the truth and philosophical coherence.

To paraphrase the man himself, Andrew Anglin is just a crybaby who can’t take the heat. He asked for it and it serves him right. He didn’t understand how the interwebs worked and he paid the price.

Some of the more interesting responses to my offer of a debate. It is more evidence of Vox’s First Law in action. What I find particularly amusing is the way the Swastika Parrots so often regurgitate certain terms in a manner that indicates they have no grasp of what the words they are using actually mean.

Will To Power@ImperivmEvropa
You aren’t even white, faggot. You don’t have a say in our movement. Go shill somewhere else.

American Nationalist@American_Nationalist
My only response is you guys are in for a rude awakening. I’ve tried debating VD anonymously about this exact subject. He responded, came after me hard, and I did better than Greg Johnson, but nowhere near close to victory. Anglin has no chance. None of you guys do.

Clayton Elmy@Cledun
Your retard Glenn Beck political spectrum is the failed branding. No one gives a fuck about that shit but retarded boomers. All the young smart kids who you think you can capture will see through your empty arguments and see ours are superior. They will come to us because the truth belongs to us.

Calling them out, indeed. This should be done any time the political Right gathers in public. Let the Nazis that show up know that they are not, never have been, and never will be part of the Alt-Right (or any part of the American Right). They need to be publicly ridiculed and cast away.

Tom Tomo@Tomo
Lol. Dude, all you do is backstab people on the right.

Nobody wants to buy you’re cucked book on Amazon. Fuck off and attach yourself to the next big thing and move on.

Skout Icus@Iamscouticus
Yep. @voxday isn’t nearly as sharp as he LARPs, or he’d be more self-aware. Everybody but him sees what a sad lil sack he is- motivated by envy in the SF scene, and here. He whines about John Scalzi, George RR Martin, and Anglin, because they’re all more successful than him.

Niccolo Machiavelli@theprince

I don’t think this is a good idea. It’s just a cerebral version of punching a Nazi.

Fabius Maximus@Fabian_Nazism
WOW You are worse than the enemy. You and all those like you are getting sifted.

Lee Rogers@infostormer
Interesting that this @voxday character posts all sorts of insane ramblings and lies to counter signal @AndrewAnglin and the Daily Stormer right in the midst of today’s Gab controversy. He’s either nuts, intentionally trying to misdirect people’s attention, or both. You pick!

Have you tried being a less dissatisfying failure? Maybe the problem isn’t them, if there are so many dissatisfied conservatives for them to market a Fake-Right-That-Wins to. Perhaps the problem is you.