/pol/ on the Baby Boomers

A posting on Boomers – not to be confused with Boomerposting – on /pol/:

Greatest Generation (GG) starts a company. GG builds the company from the ground up. GG hires American workers, uses American products, and takes great pride in what his company will do for his family and his country.

GG gives his kid Baby Boomer (BB) a job, knowing that BB will work his way up and someday inherit the company GG built. GG knows that this company will prosper and help the family for generations.

BB eventually inherits the company. BB gives his kid GenX (GX) a job for a while, but eventually fires GX to save costs. BB sends most jobs overseas and imports cheap foreigners to make his own way in life like BB did. GX must now compete against cheap labor.

GX has a kid Millennial (ML). ML complains about the low wages, lack of jobs, and competing with the offspring of all the foreign workers BB imported. BB calls ML entitled and whiny. BB says how hard he had it, and how he had to make his own way in life while ML is just entitled.

BB sells his father’s company, cashes out, and retires with riches he never plans to give to his kids. He is going to spend all his money before he dies while collecting social benefits from tax revenue from all the foreigners his political peers continue to import.

This story applies to every aspect of American society. One generation took everything their parents gave them, cashed out, and squeezed society for everything it had. They handed their kids and grandkids the financial and social consequences, and had the audacity to blame everyone but themselves for what happened.

/pol/ is always right.

However, there is one piece that is omitted, and that is that the Silent Generation set the stage for the rapacious Baby Boomer raping of the USA with the 1965 Immigration Act that destroyed the homogeneous American nation.

We can, and should, blame the Boomers for their short-sighted, self-serving behavior, and for attempting to benefit from the situation rather than attempting to correct it, but we cannot blame them for something they obviously could not have done.