NFL Week 4

Prognosis: Red.

Week 3

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-17{c6770088f688fedd109195fb76ded7bc5c58269bd213a4319575b4bd99e8e8ff} FOX NYG-PHI
-03{c6770088f688fedd109195fb76ded7bc5c58269bd213a4319575b4bd99e8e8ff} CBS CIN-GB

Week 4

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A reader with connections at Anheiser Busch reports that the phone calls and emails there are “at least 3 to 1 against NFL, and against Goodell in particular.”

NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” is off 7 percent this year, ESPN’s Monday night down 5 percent, Fox down 11 percent, CBS 19 percent.

Starve the SJW beast. But to be honest, I can’t watch any football today anyhow. I’ve simply got too much to do.