Voxiversity update

First, I would like to thank all 213 Voxiversity backers. While most of the attention has been focused on Alt★Hero the last few days, you can rest assured that neither the producer nor I have forgotten about the project. If you are one of the 108 backers who provided an email, you will have already received the promised copy of SJWAL plus a bonus ebook this morning.

I suspect there has been some reluctance to provide Freestartr with a “public email”, so I will talk to them today about how we can handle it so that the creators are provided access to the emails but the public is not. I will send out the rest of the SJWAL copies as well as the promised Collected Columns after talking to Freestartr today, assuming I’m able to get access to the 105 missing emails.

Second, the initial microphone test has proved successful and I will test it in proper recording mode tonight. I have the necessary light, now I am waiting on the light stand to begin filming. I have already begun work on the first lecture, IMMIGRATION AND WAR, and we expect to release the first video before the end of the month. We will, of course, pick up the pace of video releases as we proceed.

If you would like to support Voxiversity, you can do so here.