Defending the home

A wise woman chooses the known and defends her home over the dubious promise of the unknown and the unlikely:

I’ve earned those rewards. There is no way I want to jeopardize where I end up and how I live because I didn’t have the courage or willingness to pursue my marriage and family with integrity now. Before the hurricanes and menopausal tornadoes.

See, to be blunt, we don’t fare well in the re-marriage market as only 25{fb3a76c107ed8c3c77e3185bbb6287afee78a52023d85b1deb746f5c7c504d3b} of women who are divorced in their 30’s-40’s actually remarry. Men will generally marry at a rate closer to 50{fb3a76c107ed8c3c77e3185bbb6287afee78a52023d85b1deb746f5c7c504d3b} but, even then, they aren’t looking at our Match.Com profiles. They tend to marry women far younger than themselves the second time and, well, that rather gives a raspberry to both our aging marketability and our chances at second time marital bliss.

Seriously. 25{fb3a76c107ed8c3c77e3185bbb6287afee78a52023d85b1deb746f5c7c504d3b}.  I don’t like those odds.

Have you seen the dating market for women our age? Have you seen the dudes interested in us? How many of those men would want a ready-made family and a whole set of busted up luggage? How many of those men would you want around your 14-year-old daughter or raising your little boys?

Hollywood says women can do anything and have anything no matter what they look like or what mess they’ve made of their lives. But Hollywood also uses CGI to make dead people talk so we know they’re a bunch of liars anyway.

When it all boils down and we are left with the goop in the bottom of the pain, it seems wiser to just hang on to the 41{fb3a76c107ed8c3c77e3185bbb6287afee78a52023d85b1deb746f5c7c504d3b} chance that I get to be one of the women who can hold on to her husband and intact family for the long haul. At least as much as it is in my power to do so.

One seldom sees a statistics-based anti-divorce article from women, so it is good to see that there are some women who are beginning to embrace reality and acknowledge that muddling through the ups and downs of marriage with determination is a much preferable option to either you-go-girl divorce or the eat-pray-love-lesbian cycle.