Ruffled bowties

This exchange at Instapundit in response to the recent PJ Media article about the blackballing of conservatives by the comics industry nicely summarizes the core problem with conservatism and serves as a microcosm for the explanation for why the Alt-Right is inevitable.

I hate seeing Chuck Dixon involved in this crap. Make your own conservative comics! Please you’re one of the all time greats. Nothing good comes from associating with Vox Day, just because he is right about Social Justice doesn’t make him less of a horrible person. One of the things I tended to like about the right was the expelling of the worst parts of us from the mainstream. Not as much anymore. I think part of the buildup of the alt-right has been to make them seem more palatable to regular conservatives by showing just how much they piss off the left. And hey, I get that pissing off the left is great, but if you don’t watch who you’re associating with when you do so, you’re going to be standing next to someone like Vox Day or Jared Taylor.

Eric Ashley
If Conservative Inc wants to stop Vox, the best way to do that is for them to actually do their jobs. Tell the Koch Bros to support a line of socially conservative novels and comics, and make Kurt Schlicter the editor.

It’s not a bad idea, except time has already run out on conservatives. They had 37 years, the Presidency, the House, the Senate, nine Supreme Court nominations, and two economic booms with which to fight the cultural war. And they did absolutely nothing.

Nor will they do anything. Have you seen a single mention of Alt★Hero anywhere throughout the conservative media except PJ Media and Instapundit? Do you think that despite the hundreds of millions that conservatives will spend on the 2018 and 2020 elections, any of that will go toward fighting the culture war they are losing so badly?

The Alt-Right acts. The Alt-Right fights. The Alt-Right does not surrender. Because of that, the Alt-Right will be the only Right that survives to defeat the Left.