Never cross the God-Emperor

From Peter King’s increasingly NFL-free MMQB column:

2015: Megyn Kelly, proving to be a tough and formidable moderator in a Republican Primary debate, asks the question of all presidential-debate questions to Donald Trump, about why he has called women he didn’t like “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, disgusting animals.”

2016: In an interview with Kelly on FOX five months before the election, Trump tells Kelly in another headline-maker that if he does not win in November, “I will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy and money.”

2017: Kelly hosts a segment on the “Today” show about how to dress your dog for Halloween.

Keep that in mind when Robert Mueller announces his long-anticipated indictments today.

UPDATE: The Russian investigation appears to be the nothingest of nothingburgers.

The former chairman of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been told to surrender to authorities on charges including tax fraud, according to people familiar with the matter.

UPDATE: Or perhaps not. But it’s looking more Deep Swampy than anything:

Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were told to surrender to face charges including conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to launder money. Other charges are being an unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) statements, false statements, and seven counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts.

Kevin Spacey accused

Kevin Spacey has not merely been outed as gay, but has also been accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy:

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Rapp is publicly alleging for the first time that in 1986, Spacey befriended Rapp while they both performed on Broadway shows, invited Rapp over to his apartment for a party, and, at the end of the night, picked Rapp up, placed him on his bed, and climbed on top of him, making a sexual advance. According to public records, Spacey was 26. Rapp was 14.

The walls surrounding the filth of Hollywood are crumbling.

As it happens, there is even a scene in Precious Sons that calls to mind Rapp’s encounter with Spacey, in which Ed Harris’s character drunkenly mistakes his son (played by Rapp) for someone else, climbs on top of him, and makes a sexual advance.

Oh, FFS. Burn both Hollywood and Broadway to the ground and then salt the Earth.

Time’s up!

This is exactly the sort of insidious social justice preaching you will not be seeing in Alt★Hero. The campaign officially ends at six seconds after midnight GMT time (8 PM Eastern), so this is your last chance to acquire the backer’s edition hardcovers or be able to say that you were one of the original backers.


Thanks to all 2,191 of you who backed the Alt★Hero launch. This is merely the beginning. The final number will actually be modestly higher, as Freestartr support goes through its emails and we also have two “incoming” backers that were previously arranged, but I would say that reaching 978 percent of the original goal is, as Mike Cernovich observed, “astounding demand.” We will do our best to exceed your expectations as you have exceeded ours.

If you are an existing backer, and, for some reason, would like to increase your backing, you can do so by contacting Freestartr support tonight. They’re still making the modifications requested by email, which is why the final number keeps changing slightly. However, we cannot accept any new backers.

NFL Week 8

Although they started slow, it was an easy win for the Vikes in London. 6-2 going into the bye week. And, as usual, the Vikings all stood for the anthem.

Build your own platforms

Then keep the SJWs out of them. Stop trying to play nice. Stop trying to hide what you think. Stop trying to work within their system. If you’re creative and you’re talented, then stand up to them and fight them openly. Build your own platform, foxnews them, take half their collective audience away from them, and hit them where they aren’t expecting it. This chronicle of the ideological corruption of Hollywood explains why moderation and accommodation will never work.

“The blacklist of people on the left grew out of a defacto blacklist of people on the right within the industry,” recalls Orson. “There was communist directors, members of The Party, who only would cast you if you were also a member of The Party, or they were trying to woo you as a member of The Party. A lot of rightwing actors…were really furious at them. So when the Cold War happened…these rightwing actors, who had been seething for years about the way the communists were infiltrating the Hollywood business and were infiltrating the unions too, took their revenge. I don’t think that story’s ever been written because it’s not attractive for the Left.”

Orson isn’t alone in remembering this lost history.

“Morrie Ryskind, who was a Pulitzer Prize winner, couldn’t get a job because he didn’t think exactly like these fellows,” recalled John Wayne.

After testifying before the House Un-American Activities Committee as a “friendly witness”, the extraordinarily talented Morrie never received another offer from a studio again – and neither did other screenwriters that testified against communism in Hollywood. When the “official” blacklist era ended, liberals continued where they left off – freezing out conservatives…to far better effect.

“I think there’s a reverse blacklist, even today,” said director and Hollywood Ten member Edward Dmytryk in Hollywood on Trial, a 1976 documentary about the blacklist. “I think that the liberals who are riding high, are going in the opposite direction. I think some of the fellas back then, who were on the reactionary side, are having a tough time getting jobs now.”

This greylist has been fully institutionalized. “The Writers Guild of America, my union, is at a minimum 99 percent leftist liberal and, like me, socialist,” said screenwriter and MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell in 2003. In the wake of the blacklist era, the left gained complete control of La La Land using a tactic they now vilify on the big screen. In a sense, it’s a weird tribute to Morrie Ryskind, John Wayne, Cecile B. DeMille and the others concerned about how the far-left storytellers could use movies to rewrite history.

“Being not a communist is grounds for dismissal now,” says Gavin McInnes about being a right-winger in showbiz. The co-founder of Vice Magazine, Gavin is unquestionably one of the funniest people on the planet. From the founding of Vice in 1994 until he left in 2008, its comedic voice was his voice – and it was one that comedians wished to emulate. “Their brand of humor is what I would do if there were no ‘standards and practices’ on TV,” said Jimmy Kimmel about Vice during Gavin’s helm.

After leaving the magazine due to creative differences with his partners – he came up against Hollywood’s liberal enforcers. “Jimmy Miller is Dennis Miller’s brother. He’s one of the biggest managers in comedy. He managed Will Ferrell, Jim Carey. He took a real shining to me after I left Vice,” says Gavin. “Things were going great. And then he found out I was right wing. He didn’t ‘X’ me per se, but it’s exactly like being known as a pedophile…no one likes a pedophile.” (Jimmy Miller did not respond to a request for comment.) Since the election of Trump, even with his star on the rise among the right and a new show on CRTV, his entertainment peers have become even more intolerant. “I’ve lost 100{7a570d310fd04ee61246b4469264ca1004967a98be813fe63aaa5d2057987204} of my friends that are in comedy. I’ve lost 100{7a570d310fd04ee61246b4469264ca1004967a98be813fe63aaa5d2057987204} of my celebrity friends.”

This ploy keeping Hollywood a liberal bastion is subtle, but extraordinarily effective – smoke out right-wingers and their sympathizers, spread the word of their apostasy, freeze them out, repeat. This process is seen in every crevice of Tinseltown, and it quietly teaches a lesson to all watching.

Chris Roberts didn’t need the game companies to finance Star Citizen. Neither do we. PewDiePie doesn’t need YouTube or Disney. Pretty soon, we won’t need Hollywood to make our movies either. There is no place for us in their sandbox. Fine. Who wants to play in that disease-infested filth anyhow? Let us build our own instead.

After two generations of being pummeled by La La Land, the newly constituted right is punching back with a force that has Tinseltown scrambling.

Damn right we are.

But where the old right was content with closing their wallets to Hollywood, the new right thinks stopping there is the stuff of cucks. This politically incorrect movement has galvanized in a way that was unheard of just a few years ago. Instead of the Kum Ba Yah rallies of yesterday’s Tea Party, this new right prefers a more active approach. They bombard film reviews with negative grades, inundate show sponsors with calls to drop their advertising, and hit the most hate-filled celebrities with a flurry of boycott campaigns usually only seen coming from the left.

No longer afraid to be called racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, or xenophobes – because they know they’ll be branded these no matter what – the new right is going directly after their perceived enemy, rejecting traditional content, creating their own entertainment, and organizing on a scale that should make Hollywood take pause in their daily putdowns. Social norms are no longer barriers, and some are even willing to flout the law…all to even the playing field.

The death cult in comics

The estimable John C. Wright explains why Marvel and DC Comics are pursuing their present course:

What is happening is that the leaders at SJW Marvel would prefer to put Politically Correct nonsense and crap into bookstores for sale than real stories penned by good writers about heroic topics.

They do not know why. To them it looks like financial suicide.

I submit to your candid judgment that if you look at a man’s financial motives, you are not seeing the whole man. Man seeks money to buy bread, but man does not live by bread alone. No culture in the history of the world ever existed without rites and rituals and sacrifice to hidden powers greater than human life. For the communist East, that power was the material dialectic of history, a sort of science flavored goddess, who demanded the bloody sacrifice of world wars, gulags, mass starvation, and endless executions. In the democratic West, the greater power was God, and, to a lesser degree, the ideals of freedom. God demands righteousness; democracy demands civic virtue and the self sacrifice of soldiers and sailors.

Now, no honest Christian would burn a pinch of incense to Caesar, and call him a god, for any amount of money. Not even the threat of death stirs the heart of the martyr.

SJW Marvel look at themselves as martyrs.

They think their goddess, history, will reward them with victory over their enemies, the conservatives, who are the sole source of all greed and evil in the world. All they need do is burn, degrade, and insult the beloved heroes of comics, and turn them all into minorities. The loss of review means nothing to them. They do not want our money.

They want the reward of righteousness without being righteous. They want to be martyrs without paying the cost in blood. Political correctness allows them to do this. All they need do it take an industry and ruin it in the name of PC.

The destruction is deliberate. They regard it as a sacrifice. This is a death cult.

The retailers, on the other hand, signed up for no such sacred mission and they are extremely unhappy with it.

An exchange between direct market retailers and Marvel Comics editors became heated in the closing minutes of Marvel’s Retailer-Only panel at New York Comic Con 2017, starting after a unidentified retailer expressed concern about Marvel’s lenticular variants not selling well in his store.

Marvel executive editors Tom Brevoort and Nick Lowe fielded the question, thanking the obviously upset retailer for his feedback. However, the retailer cut Lowe short to express his distaste for Marvel’s recent trend of replacing or altering its existing characters.

The retailer specifically cited examples such as characters that don’t reflect the ethnicity, gender, or sexuality of their predecessors – specifically expressing his distaste for Iceman “kissing other men,” and Thor “becoming a woman.” The retailer’s complaints sparked an outcry among the other retailers present in the room, some echoing his frustration, with multiple attendees raising their voices to speak over each other.

The original speaker called for “creating new characters and not messing with the old guys. The old guys are solid,” while a second said that Marvel has “never replaced its characters like this.”

Lowe pointed out that the changing nature of the identities of characters was engrained in Marvel’s history, pointing out examples from James Rhodes to Frog Thor. The retailer responded that Marvel has “never replaced them all at once before,” going on to say that he has had Marvel Cinematic Universe fans come into his store to find Avengers comic books only to leave “when they see that Thor is a woman and Captain America is a black man.”

And what’s more, the social justice cancer has spread to the Marvel movies now.

The rot of Marvel Comics has finally crept into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not just the rot of Social Justice — the rot of mediocrity.

On paper the movie sounds awesome. Thor, the God of Thunder, must defend Asgard and the Nine Realms from Hela, the all-powerful Goddess of Death. However, he is stranded on the planet of Sakaar on the other side of the galaxy. Surviving a brutal gladiatorial arena, Thor gathers allies and makes his way home to prevent Ragnarok, the prophesized destruction of Asgard.

In execution, it was as stale as week-old popcorn. With a basic plot, forgettable dialogue and limp characters, I struggled to remain engaged with the movie, much less care about the story. The heart of the problem lies with the movie’s poor craftsmanship and its rejection of the mythic.

Well, that’s certainly interesting, don’t you think? I don’t know about you, but I love the smell of opportunity in the morning.

Why didn’t they speak out?

In some cases, they did. But everyone refused to listen. Read this before you condemn the women in Hollywood who were pressured by producers, directors, and executives like (((Louis B. Mayer))), (((Jack Warner))), Daryl Zanuck, (((Harry Cohn))), (((Arthur Freed))), Buddy Adler, (((Harvey Weinstein))), (((James Toback))) and (((David O’Russell((( to sexually submit to them for their supposed silence:

Daryl Hannah, who is known for her roles in “Splash,” “Wall Street,” and many other films, told colleagues about what had happened to her. “I did tell people about it,” she told me. “And it didn’t matter.” Hannah first met Weinstein at the Cannes Film Festival, in the early aughts, before she appeared in “Kill Bill: Volume 1,” which Weinstein produced. She was returning to her room at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, the same hotel where Sciorra said Weinstein harassed her. She saw Weinstein, who was at a reception in the hotel bar nearby. He called her over, and told her that he loved her work. Then he asked for her room number so that he could call her to schedule a meeting.

“That seemed pretty normal to me, you know, how people talk in business, and I didn’t know his reputation or anything,” Hannah said. She was in her room, already in her pajamas and getting ready for bed, when the phone calls started. “It felt like it was too late to have a meeting. I didn’t want to answer.” Though she didn’t pick up, she guessed that it was Weinstein. “And then, shortly thereafter, the knocking on the door began,” she told me. “It was sort of incessant, and then it started turning into pounding on my door,” she said. She was certain that it was Weinstein—as she recalls, she saw him through the peephole in the door. The pounding became so frightening that Hannah, who was staying on the ground floor, left her room via an exterior door. She spent the night in her makeup artist’s room. The following evening, Hannah was in her room with the makeup artist, packing her things ahead of their departure the next morning, when the pounding on the door began again. “The knocking started again and again. And I was like, ‘Oh, shit,’ ” Hannah recalled. “We actually pushed a dresser in front of the door and just kind of huddled in the room.” The next morning, as they left, Weinstein was standing outside the hotel, and appeared, she felt, to be waiting for her. She left quickly and went to the airport.

Several years later, while she was promoting “Kill Bill: Volume 2,” Hannah was in Rome for the film’s Italian première. She and the rest of the cast were scheduled to depart the following morning on a private plane belonging to Miramax. The première was followed by a reception, after which Hannah was in her suite at the Hassler Roma hotel with another hair-and-makeup artist, Steeve Daviault. The two had changed into their pajamas and were sitting on Hannah’s bed with an order of room-service spaghetti, watching a Sophia Loren movie, when Weinstein entered the bedroom. “He had a key,” Hannah recalled. “He came through the living room and into the bedroom. He just burst in like a raging bull. And I know with every fibre of my being that if my male makeup artist was not in that room, things would not have gone well. It was scary.” Daviault remembered the incident vividly. “I was there to keep her safe,” he told me.

When Hannah asked Weinstein what he was doing, he became flustered and angry, she said. Weinstein demanded that she get dressed and attend a party downstairs. Hannah pointed out that no one had ever mentioned a party. Weinstein stormed out, and she quickly took off her glasses and pajamas, donned a dress, and headed downstairs. When she arrived at the reception room Weinstein had mentioned, it was “completely empty,” Hannah recalled. “And it wasn’t even like there had been a party there. I didn’t see drinks around.” As she turned to leave, Weinstein was standing by the elevator. Hannah asked him what was happening and Weinstein replied, “Are your tits real?” Then he asked if he could feel them. “I said, ‘No, you can’t!’ And then he said, ‘At least flash me, then.’ And I said, ‘Fuck off, Harvey.’ ” She took the elevator back to her room and went to sleep.

“I experienced instant repercussions,” she told me. The next morning, the Miramax private plane left without Hannah on it. Her flights for a trip to Cannes for the film’s French première were cancelled, as were her hotel room in Cannes and her hair-and-makeup artist for the festival. “I called everybody,” she recalled, including her manager, a producer on the film, and its director, Quentin Tarantino, who has since told the Times that he knew enough, from his years collaborating with Weinstein, to have done more to stop him, and regrets his failure to do so. “I called all the powers that be and told them what had happened,” Hannah said. “And that I thought that was the repercussion, you know, the backlash from my experience.”

“And it didn’t matter,” Hannah said. “I think that it doesn’t matter if you’re a well-known actress, it doesn’t matter if you’re twenty or if you’re forty, it doesn’t matter if you report or if you don’t, because we are not believed. We are more than not believed—we are berated and criticized and blamed.”

It is no secret that there has been a very strong (((cabal))) in Hollywood for decades that can make or break people’s careers there. Nor is it any secret that the primary reason for Jewish success in the USA is not “high intelligence” or “hard work”, but rather, the combination of high in-group preferences and low altruism operating in a high altruism culture. Read Chaim Potok and Philip Roth if you don’t understand how this process has worked for about 110 years. That’s all you really need to know in order to grasp how the Hollywood swamp came into being, and why it has persisted for four generations of film-making, and why it will probably continue to persist until either a) the God-Emperor drains the swamp or b) the Chinese take over Hollywood.

The coverup is already in the works. Notice anything that might be relevant missing from Ben Shapiro’s proposed “solution“? It will also be missing from this forthcoming documentary.

The filmmakers behind The Hunting Ground, a documentary about the epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses, will tackle the same issue in Hollywood following the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Co-directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering announced plans for their new documentary Monday, with the film set to examine how the entertainment industry covered up or ignored sexual assaults in the cases of powerful people like Weinstein, the Hollywood Reporter writes.

First, there is no “epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses.” Second, (((Amy Ziering))). Third, Kirby Dick. These are obviously not people who want to prevent women from being victimized. These are award-winning Hollywood creatures who have been charged with attempting to contain the damage and prevent it from taking down the entire industry.

It doesn’t do any good to talk when everyone refuses to listen. And if you find that this post angers you and you don’t want to hear any more about it, then remember, that’s exactly how the Tarantinos of Hollywood felt when Darryl Hannah told them how Harvey Weinstein treated her.

Tell us again how they are real Americans

Another civic nationalism fail:

Leaders at the church that George Washington attended decided that a plaque honoring the first president of the United States must be removed. Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia will take down a memorial marking the pew where Washington sat with his family, saying it is not acceptable to all worshipers.

“The plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome,” leaders said, a reference to the fact that Washington was a slaveholder. “Some visitors and guests who worship with us choose not to return because they receive an unintended message from the prominent presence of the plaques.”

I attended that church several times in my youth. This is beyond outrage. This is a war on America. This is a war on history.


Thank you all. I can now confirm that the campaign is officially over $200k. We already have a very strong cosplay candidate in mind and I’m informed she is definitely interested. Also, Freestartr has added the last two draft pages we intend to post for the campaign, so you’ll want to check them out.

For those who are curious, the other members of the Global Justice Initiative who appear in the scene there are Shade, Agualonia, Dr. Nano, and Redshift.

UPDATE: Well, I thought that 0 days left meant the campaign was over. I should probably ask Freestartr what’s up.

UPDATE: Apparently we all misunderstood the developer’s timer plug-in. 0 days left does not mean the campaign is over, it means there are less than 24 hours left. So if you’re feeling like you missed out, it seems you’ve been granted a reprieve. Freestartr has confirmed that the official campaign end is 8 PM Eastern on October 30.

In the meantime, here is a new image of Ryu no Seishin. You won’t like her when she’s in Dragon Mode.

The #1 crowdfunded comic

Of course, one hopes this won’t make us the Star Citizen of comics. Meanwhile, Captain Europa celebrates the good news that Alt★Hero is now the #1 crowdfunded new comic of all time. It will probably surprise no one to learn that Dynamique could not care less. Meanwhile, we’re less than 4k away from Stretch Goal #12, so don’t hesitate to jump on the bandwagon.