Abortion and the Alt-Right

Ed Driscoll lies about the Alt-Right on Instapundit:

If this sounds like something the alt-right might tweet, as Elliot Kaufman wrote at NRO in August, “contrary to NARAL’s protestations, the leaders of the alt-right are actually pro-choice. They don’t oppose abortion because it’s good for racial minorities; they support abortion because it kills them. They hate black people and think America would be better if fewer of them were born. Though this is terrifying to contemplate, it should not be unfamiliar. In fact, the alt-right tends to praise abortion for the same reasons that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, praised birth control: They help to rid the country of ‘undesirables.’”

As one Instapundit commenter asked Driscoll, which “leaders of the alt-right”. I don’t believe there are “leaders” in the first place, because a political philosophy is not a political party – who is the leader of liberalism or conservatism or progressivism? – but abortion is absolutely not something that the Alt-Right broadly supports.

It is absolutely true that Americans would be better off if fewer blacks were born, just as it would be better if blacks had never been enslaved or forcibly brought to the USA. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who recognizes historical wrongs or unfortunate consequences hates black people. The fact that Tibet would be better off without the Chinese, Minneapolis would be better off without Somalis, Germany would be better off without Syrians does not require hatred of the Chinese, Somalis, and Syrians to recognize it.

This really isn’t that hard. ALL political entities eventually fail. All multi-ethnic states eventually become ethnically homogeneous states, even if that ethnicity is a new one created by the genetic amalgation of the old ones. That is going to happen in the United States, and there are no shortage of signs that peaceful amalgamation through mass cross-breeding is not going to be the method utilized.

Read the link. The commenters there did an ace job of calling out Driscoll for his dishonesty and blowing out his argument. It’s just another example of how the media finds the Fake Right to be useful in attempting to discredit the genuine Alternative Right.