The fictional war on Trump

Marvel is worse, but DC Comics isn’t exactly hiding its opposition to the God-Emperor:

DC Comics have already given us a number of Trump analogues in their comic books.  Nathan Domini, businessman and land developer, turned politician in Green Arrow was familiar…But the new Aquaman cover suggests that the creative team may be doubling down on this one. #Resist…

However, as the comics stores are reporting, Marvel’s descent into SJW-converged madness is not going well.

Making more money off Marvel back issues than current Marvel issues. Marvel needs to get their mojo back. Not a single Marvel book in our top ten this week. DC took every spot in the top ten. Which is odd sense other than their Metal hotness right now their other books are just holding steady. Amazing Spider-man now sells less than XO Manowar. Spider-man just had a hit movie this year yet is unable to sell at least double digits here. This week another person dropped the title. That’s mind blowing.

Marvel only had one title in the top ten (and it wasn’t a Legacy book): Weapon X #10. The highest charting Legacy title was Amazing Spider-Man #790, which sold exactly the same number of copies on Day One that the last pre-Legacy issue sold. Some titles actually saw a decline in sales over pre-Legacy numbers (Despicable Deadpool, Jean Grey, Black Panther, X-Men Blue). The worst was US Avengers, which lost almost half its Day One readers in our store–largely due to a cover that DIScouraged new superhero readers rather than ENcouraging them. This is a troubling trend; it shows that Marvel’s initiative hasn’t convinced readers to buy into program, and it bodes very poorly for the remaining months of Legacy initiatves. Marvel has to break out of its “encourage retailers to overbuy” mindset and make books–and covers–that readers want to spend their money on.

Remember, SJW convergence represents opportunity, because SJWs will always double down. If you want to understand why, read this.