The Frankengroper must go!

The Frankengroper strikes again! A FIFTH woman accuses (((Senator Al Franken))) of groping her:

An Army veteran says Sen. Al Franken groped her in December 2003, telling CNN that while she was deployed in Kuwait, the Minnesota Democrat cupped her breast during a photo op. Stephanie Kemplin, 41, of Maineville, Ohio, is the fifth woman in two weeks to accuse Franken of inappropriate touching, and the second person to allege that such behavior took place while Franken was on a USO tour. Three of the five women have been identified by name.

Kemplin said while she was stationed in the Middle East during the Iraq War, she met Franken — at the time, a comedian and writer — as he was visiting American troops with the USO. A longtime fan of “Saturday Night Live,” Kemplin got in line to take a photo with Franken. “When he put his arm around me, he groped my right breast. He kept his hand all the way over on my breast,” Kemplin said in an interview. “I’ve never had a man put their arm around me and then cup my breast. So he was holding my breast on the side.”

Why hasn’t (((Franken))) been forced to resign yet? There will certainly be more women surfacing; the sort of creep who is prone to doing things like this isn’t going to do it just five times and then stop. And we already know his apologies are fake; he has admitted as much in the past.

Now is it becoming more clear why women hate gammas so much? This is the sort of thing gammas do if they think they can get away with it; everything they do is based on false pretenses. And women are actually pretty good at sensing this sort of thing.