Mailvox: two readers, two different views

A regular reader is going to be a little busy for the next 18 months:

Hi Vox, I hope all continues to go well (your presence on Twitter is missed.)

I just wanted to thank you for your good wishes on my IDF service [he went in yesterday – VD] and for being one of the few rational, perceptive political commentators online (also for being an ideologically consistent and honest member of the alt right, or your stream at least, while much of it appears to be purity spiraling into extinction.

Thanks again for the good wishes. And yes, the riots do seem to be only posturing. Israelis I follow who’ve seen them say they seem underwhelming, low energy, like they’re just being done because that’s what’s expected. A guard was stabbed at the Jerusalem central bus station today, and the media is going to link it to the Trump declaration, but that’s just palestinians being palestinians.

I mentioned to him that at least the locus of global violence appears to be well away from the usual Mid East hotspot for once. More than a few VP readers are serving their nations in various militaries and I hope and pray they will all stay safe in these increasingly dangerous times.

Another one was a little less appreciative of my work:

“Low morale cowards,” “useless parasites,” “fearful MGTOW,” “indentured servants.”  You sound like a woman castigating a ‘men’s rights’ advocate with just as little interest or sympathy as those women have.  As a result, you’re just as convincing.

“Going Galt” existed long before the internet, and has much more basis in fact overall.  When men don’t see anything worth contributing to, they don’t contribute, as is their right.  They may look for ways their contributions will be recognized [the military, the black market] they may keep their productive work to themselves, they may do nothing but smoke pot and play video games.  But none of that qualifies as cowardice, fear or servitude.

At some point, women have to step up their game and be worth more than looking at [or banging, if you’re the kind who chases women.]  If I was into investing, I would be putting all my money into sexbot companies, especially once they start programming sexbots to cook, clean, do laundry, shopping, and answer the phone/emails.

This isn’t fear or parasitism, this is a natural response to the world women want to live in, and Muslims and Hispanic Catholics will eagerly supplant us.  Maybe they can enjoy the thousands of pages of comic books I’ve written, drawn and lettered, the dozens of CDs of music I’ve recorded or the almost-nine books I’ve published.  [Still trying to finish proofing the ninth book]  I can’t see how my life would be better if I’d chased women or spent my life watching movies in the same amount of time.

I’ve suffered worse than ‘Vox Day doesn’t look well upon my kind” [and thanks to God I haven’t had any real suffering outside of the military where suffering is sorta expected.]  A sexbot would improve my life guaranteed much more than a human wife would, so even though you say you’re not telling us to ‘man up and wife these sluts’ that’s really the effect of what you’re saying.  I could have spent the last fifteen or twenty years of my life wandering in a dark forest for the same result.  It’s not fear of a dark forest, it’s knowing that every minute I spend there is one less minute I can focus on what matters to me.  This is the same ‘how to win friends and influence people’ playbook as the Democrats are using, good for entertainment and not much else.

What can I say? He makes my point for me. The fear emanates from his missive like a visible fog. While we can’t dismiss him as a useless parasite due to his past military service, what is the point of defending one’s nation if one does not also act to perpetuate it?

The ironic thing is that MGTOW denigrate women for making choices that preclude their becoming wives and mothers. And then, they promptly declare that they are justified in doing the same. Where is the male leadership in that? That is not leadership, it is the precise opposite.

I, too, have written books, recorded music, and even written a few dozen pages of comic books. And I can declare, with more than a little authority, that the most important thing I have done for both the West and humanity is to marry Spacebunny and have children with her. MGTOW are every bit as wrong about the importance of their individual accomplishments as the college girl who is focused on her degree and her career instead of her family life.