See, Marvel was RIGHT

Chasing the elusive minority dollar is the secret to massive success. This just proves it!

Appetite for presale tickets leaves little doubt — Marvel Studios’s next big blockbuster is “Black Panther.”

The film, which will be released by Walt Disney Co. DIS, +1.09{4bbad798630efc4433864d09618c79dc37ec93bd369a8697e8847adaf672eacc}  on Feb. 16, was already one of the most-anticipated movies of the year. It just broke the record for highest ticket presales in the first 24 hours for a Marvel film, according to online movie ticket retailer Fandango.

The previous record-holder was “Captain America: Civil War,” which coincidently is the film in which Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of the Black Panther first made an appearance on the big screen.

Fandango, which is owned by Comcast Corp.’s NBCUniversal, didn’t reveal actual numbers for “Black Panther” or “Civil War” presales in making its claim.

What is known is “Civil War” pulled in $75.5 million in its first day in theaters, according to data from Box Office Mojo. The film went on to garner $179.1 million in its opening weekend—the third largest opening in 2016—and $1.2 billion in total worldwide gross.

And if Black Panther doesn’t beat Civil War at the box office, that will just prove that America is too racist to appreciate a proven blockbuster.

They really are getting desperate, aren’t they. Speaking of desperate, my December 19th prediction is still in play, as barring a big weekend, The Last Jedi will fall short of $624 million domestic.

2018/01/08 $1,791,497 $423/screen   $574,483,043 Day 25
2018/01/09 $2,368,317 $560/screen   $576,851,360 Day 26
2018/01/10 $1,744,275 $412/screen   $578,595,635 Day 27
2018/01/11 $1,678,949 $397/screen   $580,274,584 Day 28

To put it in perspective, on Day 28 of The Force Awakens, it brought in $757 per screen to reach $825,932,841 of its $936,662,225 total.