The one-two punch

I have to admit, I never, ever, envisioned this kind of start for Arkhaven. Thanks to all of you who are making it happen.

What’s particularly interesting about this category is that it covers all the normal 24-page comics. So, not a bad harbinger for the coming print editions.

UPDATE: Not, I suspect, entirely unrelated, is the annual report from Diamond.

YEAR 2017 VS. YEAR 2016 (units)

COMICS -9.69{4bbad798630efc4433864d09618c79dc37ec93bd369a8697e8847adaf672eacc}
GRAPHIC NOVELS -11.86{4bbad798630efc4433864d09618c79dc37ec93bd369a8697e8847adaf672eacc}
TOTAL COMICS/GN -9.86{4bbad798630efc4433864d09618c79dc37ec93bd369a8697e8847adaf672eacc}
TOYS -19.90{4bbad798630efc4433864d09618c79dc37ec93bd369a8697e8847adaf672eacc}

People are obviously looking for something else. And we’re definitely offering something else.