Somehow, I tend to doubt that. Frankly, it surprises me that Google executives aren’t bragging about it… but they know their statements would almost surely end up as evidence in more than one lawsuit:

YouTube’s New Moderators Mistakenly Pull Right-Wing Channels

YouTube’s new moderators, brought in to spot fake, misleading and extreme videos, stumbled in one of their first major tests, mistakenly removing some clips and channels in the midst of a nationwide debate on gun control.

The Google division said in December it would assign more than 10,000 people to moderate content after a year of scandals over fake and inappropriate content on the world’s largest video site.

In the wake of the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, some YouTube moderators mistakenly removed several videos and some channels from right-wing, pro-gun video producers and outlets.

So, Sundararajan, my old pal, was this a “mistake” too?

After review, the following video: Immigration and War has been blocked from view on the following YouTube country site(s): Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czechia, Germany, Estonia, France, United Kingdom, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Martinique, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Poland, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Reunion, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, French Southern Territories, Wallis and Futuna, Mayotte

Certain features have been disabled for this video

In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. 

Convergence at the gun store

I’ll bet that Dick’s Sporting Goods will not remain one of the largest sports retailers for long in light of this utterly bone-headed move by the CEO:

One of the nation’s largest sports retailers, Dick’s Sporting Goods, said Wednesday morning it was immediately ending sales of all assault-style rifles in its stores. The retailer also said that it would no longer sell high-capacity magazines and that it would not sell any gun to anyone under 21 years of age, regardless of local laws.

The announcement, made two weeks after the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., that killed 17 students and staff members, is one of the strongest stances taken by corporate America in the national gun debate. It also carries symbolic weight, coming from a prominent national gunseller.

Late last week, after coming under attack on social media for their ties to the National Rifle Association, a number of major companies, including Hertz car rental, MetLife insurance and Delta Air Lines, publicly ended those relationships, issuing brief, carefully phrased statements.

But Edward Stack, the 63-year-old chief executive of Dick’s whose father founded the store in 1948, is deliberately steering his company directly into the storm, making clear that the company’s new policy was a direct response to the Florida shooting. “When we saw what happened in Parkland, we were so disturbed and upset,” Mr. Stack said in an interview Tuesday evening. “We love these kids and their rallying cry, ‘enough is enough.’ It got to us.”

I look forward to the future articles denying that this decision by the CEO to steer the company “directly into the storm” has anything to do with the totally unanticipated 18-percent decline in annual sales in 2018.

“The whole hunting business is an important part of our business, and we know there is going to be backlash on this,” said Mr. Stack. “But we’re willing to accept that.”

It will be interesting to see how long it takes him to change his tune. Notice how it is almost never the founders of companies who ever do anything this stupid? It’s always heirs and infiltrators, which tends to demonstrate that those who do not create businesses may understand how to work the internal machinery and manage the processes established, but they lack an inherent understanding of why and how the business exists in the first place.

Mailvox: the BBC rebuttal

JS observes that the BBC is attempting to completely eradicate the real history of British invasions. At this rate, it won’t be long before they’re not only denying Bede, but trying to write Caesar’s Commentaries out of the historical record as well.

After watching the first Voxiversity episode (well done, btw), by chance I watched a series of BBC documentaries on “Arthurian Britain” which argued the opposite occurred in Britain: that there were no invasions, that the native British gradually accepted the multicultural influences of continental culture with no disruption to daily life and they all lived happily ever after.

King Arthur’s Britain  (Roman Britain Documentary)

I say “argued”, in fact the series is a transparent exercise in persuasive rhetoric verging at times on outright propaganda. I have been an amateur student of the period for many years and my own conclusion is that there is not enough available evidence to ever come to any conclusions. The best it can do is inspire fiction.

The well-spoken, avuncular presenter starts with a fully constructed straw-man; that current history insists Britain collapsed into the Dark Ages in 410 AD when the Roman legions left. Overnight, people fled the towns and returned to subsistence farming, forgot how to read and write while woodlands reclaimed the land. He then goes on to “prove” that this didn’t happen and that it was merely the interpretation of Victorian imperialists who saw themselves as Rome reborn and wanted to emphasise the dangers of removing imperial power.

Over the three episodes, various experts deconstruct and reinterpret the scant, available evidence to show that there was no Anglo-Saxon invasion and no population replacement. Genetic evidence showing that the indigenous people were driven west into Wales while continental people settled in the east was dismissed out of hand because one other study showed something different and the presenter himself didn’t believe it.

I’m no rhetorician but even I recognised the fallacious language used throughout e.g. “There is no evidence, but this is what must have happened,’ when it supported his thesis, “There is no evidence so it must be wrong,” when it didn’t as he insisted throughout that he was telling you the “real” story etc.

Bede’s “The Ecclesiastical History of the English People” was dismissed as a complete fiction by a young, female expert who concluded that there were never any Anglo-Saxons in Britain, consequently there never were any English and that Bede made the whole thing up and reinvented history.

The projection was palpable. The fact that they were arguing their central thesis, that everything we believe is wrong because previous generations interpreted the evidence to support their political biases, by overtly manipulating the evidence to support their own political bias seems to sail right over their heads. They state that there never was a pure British race (which the presenter paradoxically argues in support of half the time) and you can guess the final conclusion, can’t you?

“The real people of Britain AD did not only survive an influx of foreign influences but actually flourished because of it.”

Diversity is our strength!

It descends into farce at the end as former socialist politician, Robin Cook explains that Chicken Tikka Masala is the English national dish as it represents the rich, diverse people that the English have always been. Literally saying at one point, “… what makes Britain great, makes Britain strong is not purity, it is our diversity…” 

I understand you might not have time to watch the series but I think it could make an interesting “compare and contrast” exercise for the Voxiversity viewership.

The equalitarian future

White people, especially conservatives, absolutely love to claim that they don’t see color or race. That’s very laudable, I’m sure, and perhaps it is even partially true, but the more relevant point is that everyone who isn’t white does. But at least he still has the constitution, right? Well, not so much:

White South African farmers will be removed from their land after a landslide vote in parliament. The country’s constitution is now likely to be amended to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation, following a motion brought by radical Marxist opposition leader Julius Malema.

It passed by 241 votes for to 83 against after a vote on Tuesday, and the policy was a key factor in new president Cyril Ramaphosa’s platform after he took over from Jacob Zuma in February.

Mr Malema said the time for ‘reconciliation is over’. ‘Now is the time for justice,’ News24 reported. ‘We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.’

Mr Malema has a long-standing commitment to land confiscation without compensation. In 2016 he told his supporters he was ‘not calling for the slaughter of white people – at least for now’.

A 2017 South African government audit found white people owned 72 per cent of farmland.

Rural affairs minister for the ruling African National Congress party said ‘The ANC unequivocally supports the principle of land expropriation without compensation. There is no doubt about it, land shall be expropriated without compensation.’

Freedom Front Plus party leader Pieter Groenewald said the decision to strip white farmers of their land would cause ‘unforeseen consequences that is not in the interest of South Africa’.

That last bit cracked me up. “Unforeseen consequences!” That will show them! Conservatives will be shaking their fingers and issuing dire warnings even as they are being tossed into the cooking pot. They’re really not going to like the indigestion that they’re going to suffer if they eat you too fast! White Americans think that black South Africans failed to learn the lesson from Rhodesia, when the truth is that it is white Americans who have failed to learn the lesson of both Rhodesia and South Africa.

Maybe they’ll starve when the whites are gone and maybe they won’t. Either way, there is only one way to find out and that’s clearly a risk they are observably more than willing to take.

EXCERPT: The Missionaries

Of all the novels we have published to date, The Missionaries by Owen Stanley is without question one of the best. It is almost disturbingly funny. It’s also available in both hardcover and paperback from Castalia Direct.

Laripa was distinguished among the settlements of the Moroks by the presence of the greatest orator, Malek; the greatest sorcerer, Macardit; and the greatest philosopher, Garang, a twisted, hairless little man with a squint. It was thus a kind of Florence or Paris, a cultural centre where the aspiring young intellectuals of the Moroks came to learn the secrets of their fathers, and, more hidden still, the dark revelations of the Before-Men who, led by Tikame himself, had roamed the mountains when Time itself was not.

As befitted its status as the cultural capital of the Moroks, its men’s house was the largest, the best-ornamented, and the most smoke-blackened in all the island. Raised on piles, its rear was low, but the roof-ridge rose into the sky, so that, being more than a hundred feet long, the top of its front end, the formal end, was nearly forty feet above the ground. The boards covering the front of the house were brilliantly painted in the form of a great face, whose mouth was also the entrance. The teeth of this mouth were provided by two rows of bleached skulls, as the boiling and preparation of skulls was one of the arts for which Laripa was celebrated.

Below the men’s house, the hovels of the women formed two parallel lines for a couple of hundred yards down the crest of the spur. At the end of these two lines, a second, smaller, men’s house faced up the yard between the huts of the women, looking directly at the great face of the principal men’s house. The yard was steep and slippery, of shiny red clay, and all around the village ran a high stockade of timbers, whose tops were carved into replicas of simian faces, or barbed to resemble spear points, or hacked and pruned into stranger, even more lethal shapes, curved and twisted like instruments of torture.

The interior of the great men’s house was lit only by those rays that penetrated the narrow entrance, and its natural obscurity was rendered the more impenetrable by the smoke which filled it, rising from the smouldering logs on the hearth of ashes running the entire length of the building. Inside the entrance, in the ashes, smoking his bamboo pipe, sat Nyikang, once the most renowned of the Laripa warriors, now little more than an old bag of bones looking out over his beloved mountains, waiting to die.

Smoking was the last of this world’s pleasures left to him; the government had stopped most of the axe murders at which he had been so proficient, and he had never been much good at sorcery. He’d always muddled the spells at the critical moment. Sex, well, that had been fun, and at least the government hadn’t stopped that yet, but it was a long time since he had felt up to it. The last time, that had been a long time ago, when the great landslide swept away some of his pandanus trees, but all he got for his trouble was a splitting headache, and he had given it up as a bad job ever since. Not that he was missing much as far as Teopo, his last surviving wife, was concerned. She was almost as decrepit as him and never bothered to wash anymore; she was usually covered in dust, like an old gourd abandoned in the corner of a hut.

It was ages, too, since he had led the killing of the pigs at a great dance. His teeth had mostly gone now, and he couldn’t even chew a pig, let alone kill one. Soon he would be a spirit, roaming the forests of the high ranges with his ancestors, without fire, or food, or hope. He still clung to life, not out of love of this world, or fear of that to come, but from habit.

His attention wandered back to Macardit and Malek, who were sitting outside on the verandah, talking.

“A bat’s wing without fresh dog’s blood will blight naught,” said Macardit. “Some say that a frog’s head, crushed with ginger root, giveth more power than the blood of any creature, but that is folly.”

Malek nodded wisely.

“Dog’s blood, thou sayest. I will mind it well.” His fourth and most recent wife had been seduced by his cousin, so he had come to Macardit for a little private tuition in sorcery. The receipt for smiting an enemy’s genitals with gonorrhea cost only a small pig; a larger one, of course, was required if the Master himself recited the spells. Since this enemy was a cousin, the handier and cheaper remedy of the axe was denied him, but a good dose of the clap would suffice to put the fellow in his place.

“Fresh blood, fresh blood,” reiterated Macardit. “If thou but usest fresh blood, the bat’s wing, and the words of power which I have given thee, and well besmear his codpiece with the remedy, there will be one pig that will not root in thy garden for a while.” Macardit drew on his bamboo pipe, but found that in the long interval of conversation it had died.

More popular than Obama

Strange, I don’t recall the media going on and on and on about how unpopular Obama was… even though he was much less popular than the God-Emperor:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 50{16fdb1f6d6cb3ae8bbbc2aa6884aaa273b8f847a0b4231ecb11a66201607b8e3} of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance…. By comparison, President Obama earned 43{16fdb1f6d6cb3ae8bbbc2aa6884aaa273b8f847a0b4231ecb11a66201607b8e3} approval on this date in the second year of his presidency.

The Trumpslide cometh. And he’s in it to win it in 2020!

A random idea

What would you ask Jesus? I was thinking about this the other day. Actually, I was thinking about what I would ask Aristotle if I could. What is the single most pressing question to which I would like to know the answer? And then I wondered what other people would do… and I realized that while there weren’t very many people with questions for Aristotle, there were probably an awful lot who would have questions for Jesus. And that made me think about what a singularly fascinating book that might make.

Anyhow, if you’re interested, send me no more than 500 words about the one single question that you would ask Jesus Christ if you had the chance. All I want to know is your age, your sex, and your religion or lack thereof. Please also explicitly grant me permission to include your question in the book in your email.

Attachments should be .rtf, .docx, or .odt. Single-spaced, no tabs, no formatting, and no more than 500 words. If I get at least 100 questions and they prove to be sufficiently varied and interesting, I’ll edit them and put them together. I’ll also contact a few well-known individuals and ask them to contribute a question.

Can be, and will be

Democratic pollsters are beginning to wake up to the probability that the 2020 Trumpslide is coming:

To many political observers over the past year, the prospect of President Donald Trump’s reelection looked doubtful at best. Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon reportedly gave Trump a 30 percent chance of finishing his term. Mike Murphy, the longtime GOP consultant and NeverTrumper, said that Trump will only be president “until early 2019.” And JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, like many others, bet more modestly: that Trump would be the first one-term president since George H. W. Bush.

These predictions were understandable. In 2017, it seemed, every day brought another Trump scandal, a bombshell in the Russia story, a brawl in the White House, or a diplomatic crisis, which explains why Trump’s approval rating last year was a historic low for a president’s first year in office. By year’s end, Democrats were anticipating a sweeping victory in this year’s midterm elections, with the opportunity to take back the House and perhaps even the Senate, and an enormous field of candidates was unofficially lining up for the party’s 2020 primary.

But recent data should trouble them. Internal polling by the Democratic group Priorities USA showed the president’s approval rating had climbed to 44 percent in early February, which “mirrors Trump’s improving position in public polls.” Gallup finds a narrow majority of Americans support his handling of the economy, and the new Republican tax law is getting more popular.

“I think people just kind of assume he’s a goner,” FiveThirtyEight statistician Nate Silver told me recently, “but look, he’s now more in a range where presidents have recovered to win reelection. His approval rating is up to 41 or 42 percent in our tracking. That verges on being a normal number that resembles what happened to Reagan or Clinton or Obama in their second years.” (Silver noted over the weekend that Trump dipped to 39 percent in their tracking.) As Jim Messina, who managed President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012, warned earlier this month, “Donald Trump can absolutely be reelected.”

The God-Emperor isn’t merely going to win, he’s going to absolutely trounce the Democratic candidate so badly that I expect the top potential challengers to decided to steer clear before the primaries start and leave this one to the elderly whites to lose. An independent challenge from some Never-Trump no-hoper is probable, as well as a white female sacrificial lamb from the Democrats. Neither one will likely provide much of a speed bump to the Trump Re-election Train.

Trump isn’t just a good president. He is very likely going to be a great president, if he has the courage to ignore the press and ignore his talentless, ignorant advisors who keep trying to sabotage and control him. Build the Wall, Drain the Swamp, and Break the Pedo State. Nothing else really matters.