Marvel rethinks suicide

What a pity. Marvel has reversed its decision to make the X-Men the gay mascots of the comics industry:

X-Men Campaign to Help LGBTQ Tolerance in Classrooms Cancelled

Last week, Bleeding Cool ran a piece looking at the Omaze charity campaign to help fund GLSEN, an organization that seeks to end discrimination, harassment, and bullying based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in schools.

The idea was people donate $10, and one lucky person gets drawn into an upcoming issue of X-Men. X-Men Blue, probably, a comic with queer representation in the team. The winners would also receive the original artwork from their appearance and a signed copy of the comic.

I am literally shaking. But fortunately, this deplorable decision paves the way for Rainbow of the Global Justice Initiative to claim his rightful place as the one true gay icon in comics.

When reached for comment, Rainbow was dancing shirtless to techno music in a Berlin disco. He said, “WOOOOOOOH!”

“I’ve been a baaaad, bad kitty,” he added.